0813-7808-8585 Honeymoon Package in Singapore or Romantic Honeymoon with Couples

0813-7808-8585 Paket Honeymoon di Singapore atau Bulan Madu Romantis dengan Pasangan

0813-7808-8585 Honeymoon Package in Singapore

or Romantic Honeymoon with Couples

0813-7808-8585 Paket Honeymoon di Singapore atau Bulan Madu Romantis dengan Pasangan
0813-7808-8585 Paket Honeymoon di Singapore atau Bulan Madu Romantis dengan Pasangan

Happy Wedding for you who are reading my Articles about “Paket Honeymoon di Singapore, Bulan Madu seru dengan Kekasih“, I hope the wedding will last and you can quickly come up, Amen.

Singapore or Singapore is a very beautiful city, many tourists from all over the world come to this country for a year-round vacation, you will often see photos or videos of Singapore’s sparkling beauty on TV or on the internet right?

Well this time we will discuss why Singapore is suitable to be a detailed Honeymoon or Honeymoon tourist destination.

The first reason why Singapore is very suitable to be a holiday destination and Hooneymoon is Singapore is a very romantic city, when the honeymoon holiday is scheduled in such a way, of course we need the main destination where to spend the Honeymoon or Honeymoon right?

Yes, Singapore is a city that is very worthy of being the main destination because this city is very romantic.

Imagine you spend the night enjoying a glittering city view while enjoying dinner at a beautiful hotel in Singapore, not to mention that you can travel around the city with couples along the streets of Singapore while buying snacks at store stores along the way, of course this is a very romantic moment when you buy a couple a cute souvenir to bring home later.


Can Save Accommodation when Honeymoon in Singapore.

Honeymoon will spend a lot of money if we are not smart to save Accommodation, some complaints that we received from our guests are that they spend too much money while in Singapore because they are not smart at saving accommodation costs. it can’t be denied that we will forget to save even more when we have to deal with holidays, so the costs we have managed as well as possible when leaving for vacation are not enough.

Well the solution is to use services Travel Tour Batam who can manage all your honeymoon travel costs in Singapore, usually all costs will be determined before you leave for vacation, and this can be saved by determining what you need and which hotel you will use as a place to stay later, this is the calculation is 100% certain and you only need to prepare a little money to buy by or just buy other food outside the tour package that you ordered, this trick will be much better than you Go alone without a clear calculation before, right?

Using Travel Services can save and control costs that you don’t need.


It’s easy to go to another country.

Singapore / Singapore is a country that is the main gate as a transit country if we want to go to several countries around it, this country connects dozens of other countries through its super large and dense international airport, because indeed this country provides many international flights that you can use it wherever you want to go, for example you want to continue your Honeymoon from Singapore to Thailand or Kuala lumpur, you just need to take the MRT to get to the Airport, then continue your trip to another country for a longer Honeymoon vacation.

I feel like I want to fly to Manila or to Maldives if you know this, hehehe, to get to Johor Baru or to Bintan, you only need 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore, of course the cost is not too expensive, only 250,000 you have moved country.


Many Choice of Honeymoon Packages to Offer.

When you plan a Honeymoon in Singapore, you definitely need a varied honeymoon vacation package or want a honeymoon package, well PT. Galang Bahari Indonesia as a provider paket Honeymoon di Batam provide a lot of choices that you can choose, starting from Vacation Packages 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights or 4 days 3 nights that can be at Costum with the addition of Malaysia and Batam.

Yes, you just have to discuss with one of our staff via WhatsApp 081378088585 according to your needs, don’t worry, all requests can be conditioned if you need them.


Try staying in Batam, Honeymoon to Singapore.

Yes Batam, a city that is directly adjacent to the State of Singapore, is one of the cities that is also suitable as a honeymoon vacation destination in Singapore. If you don’t want to stay in Singapore, you can try staying at Batam but the road to Singapore, this package is widely chosen by local tourists because it can save the cost of staying in Singapore which is fairly expensive.

You can go on holiday by starting your morning trip from Batam, then a full day’s vacation in Singapore until late afternoon, then you return to Batam to stay and rest as much as you like, usually this package is chosen because tourists want to relax more in Batam and go around the City Batam is no less interesting than Singapore itself.

Here are some choices of Honeymoon Packages that you can order and use for menikmati liburan di Singapura oleh PT. Galang Bahari Indonesia.

  1. Paket Honeymoon 2 hari 1 malam singapore
  2. Paket Honeymoon 3 hari 2 malam Singapore
  3. Paket 3 hari 2 malam Singapore + Batam
  4. Paket Honeymoon Singapore + Bintan
  5. Paket Honeymoon 3 hari 2 malam Singapore + Pulau Abang Batam (New)
  6. Paket Honeymoon 23 hari 2 malam Singapore Hemat + Ranoh Island (New)


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