4 Simple Tips for Choosing a Good Web Hosting for a Website

The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO

4 Simple Tips for Choosing a Good Web Hosting for a Website

The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO
The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO

There are still many people who tend to ignore the steps in choosing a web hosting provider company when creating a website. This is a big mistake because web hosting is one of the important factors that determine the success of a website. In addition, good hosting will support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that it will increase your business profits.

If you access an attractive website, but the hosting used is not very high quality and slow, are you still willing to access the site? Choosing your own hosting is quite tricky, along with the increasing number of hosting providers that make advertisements with interesting words but have not been tested for quality. But through this article, we try to help you by sharing about 4 simple tips on choosing a good web hosting for a website.

Quality customer service features

The first factor we must pay attention to before choosing a hosting is the quality of customer service provided. As long as we use a web hosting, even if the best quality, the possibility of a problem will always exist. Like a server that is down or errors that damage the database. This certainly requires assistance from the company to solve it. A good company always prepares its services 24 hours a day without off. A hosting provider that has good customer service will always include contactable contacts such as telephone numbers, e-mails and addresses.

You also need to make sure that the customer service works well. The easiest way to check is that you can call a number that is in contact at midnight or when the weekend then see if they are always available at that time. You can also send e-mails containing simple questions. Usually, if there are no emergency questions, a maximum of 1 × 24 hours you will get a reply. But if after you check and it turns out the results are not appropriate, you should switch to another provider that is better.


Uptime is the time when the server stays online and continues to run. This is one of the most important factors to determine the quality of a web hosting. However, the problem is that we don’t have a certain way to verify the server uptime. If a company provides 99% uptime then they will have 1% downtime. Which means that for a week a server will be down for 1 hour 40 minutes 48 seconds and for 3 days each year. Therefore, you should choose a company that offers guaranteed 99.5% uptime or even more. At present some companies even say they have up to 99.99% uptime. But still you have to be careful and careful when deciding.

Host speed and performance

When we talk about speed and performance, we will think about hardware which is an important element to ensure the quality of a web hosting. To determine the overall performance of a website, you must check factors such as RAM, CPU, processor and HDD and SSD storage capacity. RAM and CPU will depend on the content of a website, the number of people accessing the website and the devices used to access it. You can check RAM, CPU and storage space through the control panel on the server.

With the above tips, it is hoped that it can help you make it easier to determine what web hosting services you will choose. Because of course by using the right hosting, your website will be at its best. But everything goes back to the needs of each of your websites, what you are looking for from hosting for the needs of the website.

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