A Little Talk Much Works – GIPI Riau Islands

A Little Talk Much Works - GIPI Riau Islands

A Little Talk Much Works – GIPI Riau Islands

Not even one month GIPI Riau Islands DPD was confirmed by the Governor of Riau Islands Drs. Nurdin Basirun in Batam, the 100-day management program continues to be implemented.

Refer to the Tourism Law No. 10 of 2009 article 50 paragraph 3 which reads: “The Indonesian Tourism Industry Association as referred to in paragraph (1) functions as a request for work by the government and regional government as well as a forum for communication and consultation of its members in the implementation and development of tourism”

GIPI Riau Islands DPD prepares a Revitalization plan for the area and buildings behind the Batam Grand Mosque which now functions as a community business activity, especially culinary and community entertainment.

While the industrial travel agent often brings foreign tourists and domestic tourists to this area because right at the top of the cliff there is an icon of the city of Batam, which is the big writing “Welcome to Batam”.

Seeing the conditions and conditions of this area that are very worrying and far from the goal of Sapta Pesona which is to increase awareness, a sense of responsibility of all levels of society, both government, private sector and the wider community to be able to act and make it happen in everyday life, namely:

1. Security
2. Order
3. Cleanliness
4. Coolness
5. Beauty
6. Hospitality
7. Memories

We will find scattered rubbish, irregular business outlets, pungent odors, many homeless people and the unavailability of MCK facilities, we consider it very inappropriate to take tourists to this area.

But because this area has become a lot of demand from tourists who come to Batam city, we are trying to make the Revitalization plan of this area a viable and beneficial tourist destination for the community.

Today Juma’t (11/09/18) we bring a team of experts, namely a combination of architects and artists from the city of Solo to review this location and make a plan for rearranging and maximizing the potential of tourism in this location.

Our initial planning will be to create a new design, the program up to the site plan makes the tourism center of Batam city.

We will conjure up the stalled building to become an attractive selfie area and exhibition center, while we plan around the area around it to become a culinary center that is neatly arranged, clean and produce beverage foods that are processed in a clean and healthy manner.

The stage of art and cultural attractions will also be prepared in this area so that every day tourists and the public can see such diverse arts and cultural performances in the city of Batam.

All of this is solely dedicated to the community and regional government and increased tourist visits to the city of Batam. We hope that the support of the regional government so that our plan can be realized properly.

We will convey to the local government about the ideas and concepts of semi-permanent tourist destinations (knock down) and have a wealth of art in them.

Tomorrow Saturday (10/11/18) we and a team of experts will head to the island of Bintan, which will visit the Busung Desert Desert which is also the most popular tourist destination on Bintan Island and the TRC mangrove village.

We plan to resemble what we conceptualized as the Welcome to Batam location by maximizing the tourism potential that refers to local wisdom.

This is one of our action plans as a manifestation of our responsibility for the management of the Riau Islands DPD GIPI to carry out the mandate of the Tourism Law above.

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