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Batam Tours which Popular and Frequently Visited

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Batam Tours which Popular and Frequently Visited
Batam Tours which Popular and Frequently Visited

Tracing the trail in Indonesia is endless. The country that has a lot of this island is very interesting to talk about. Moreover, Indonesia is a country famous for its wealth of spices worldwide. Moreover, the attractions are much ogled by foreign tourists.

No doubt if Indonesia has always been a bone by neighboring countries. One of the beautiful places that many tourists love is Batam which is located in Riau Islands. Batam is certainly no stranger to your ears, whether you like traveling or just just at home.

The city of Batam is the largest city in the Riau Islands. Batam is a city with its strategic location. Batam has several islands such as Batam Island, Galang Island and Rempang Island. Batam city has a very close distance to Malaysia and Singapore. Batam is the fastest growing city in Indonesia. If you hear of Batam then you would think with a beautiful and beautiful beach.

Although Batam is known as an industrial city. But the city of Batam also has a tourist spot that you deserve to visit during the holidays. Although some of the sea in Batam there are cloudy, but some islands in the city of Batam are still many beaches with clean and clear sea water. And perfect for you who love snorkeling or scuba diving.

According to the Department of Population residents around batam to reach the population of about 1,030,529 people. Batam is one of the cities with a strategic location in addition to being in traditional shipping lanes. Batam is a city close to Singapore and Malaysia.

And Batam also has very interesting tourist spots. Starting from hangout, shopping, a walk with family or culinary attractions are delicious and tempting.

Some places in Batam this will make you really amazed and widen the eyes.

1. Nongsa Beach

Nongsa Beach is one of the beach which is quite popular in Batam. While the name ‘Nongsa’ itself is taken from the name of Malay leaders who first develop and manage the coastal region. From the very beginning when the land is still empty and filled with shrubs, as well as the many hedgerows of mangrove trees and shrubs, and transformed into a region that has high selling value. And this region by the surrounding community dubbed the Old Nongsa region.

From Nongsa Beach to the coast of southern Singapore. Can be reached only about half an hour by motor boat. Once upon a time this beach is where fishing for fish, and sell directly to Singapore. Even not only fish, but some other natural products such as wood or rattan are also sold directly to Singapore. And now this area has been transformed into a very beautiful beach and interesting to visit.

This beach has a tremendous beauty. The sea water is clean and calm, the white sand and coral reefs are very beautiful decorate under the sea. And the amount of marine life is very fascinating.
Not only that Nongsa Beach has its own uniqueness that not many beaches have it. That is the view of the city of Singapore at night. At night the glitter of Singapore’s city lights decorate in place of the sun. You will be like seeing New York in Asia.

Because the place is so pretty, so many investors are fighting over this place to build resorts. No doubt if many residents around who see many luxury resorts that can spend quite deep.

2. City Square Batam

Batam City Square is the most popular shopping center in Batam. Lots of products are sold here ranging from local products to overseas products.

Batam City Square is located on Jl. Bunga Raya, Baloi, Batam, Kepri. The place is quite strategic that is between the road Baloi and Penuin. Meanwhile the Penuin avenue is a very crowded and activity-intensive trading area.

The building consists of six floors and accommodate more than a thousand cars, so no need to be confused if you want to park your car here. And also here is also a place or a playground. So in addition to shopping you can invite the baby to play in Batam City Square this. So you can also shop around for recreation.

In it also consists of several parts. As comprised of Central AC, two Hall atrium elevators, two elevator loading areas and eighteen escalator units are also powered backup power source.

3. Melur Beach

This beach is a place that you must visit, very unfortunate if you miss this beach. Because Beach Melur is the best beach in Batam. Here a lot of activities and rides that you can enjoy of course. Like riding a boat, swimming, playing sand, banana boat, even you can also do camping and eating under the rimbunnya trees contained in Melur Beach.

The waves are also calm enough to swim, and without worry when children play water. Clean white sand and wide make Melur Beach into a beach exotic in Batam.

4. Ocarina Park

Ocarina Park is a truly unforgettable tourist destination. A fun place with lots of rides to play this will make you really entertained. You will feel like in Ancol.

This place is perfect for family holidays. When the weekend you can invite children to play to Ocarina Park. Not only rides for children, here also there are rides for adults. In addition to the exciting rides, usually in this place is always held music concerts to entertain visitors.

How exciting is not it?

5. Vietnam Village

This tour is arguably a historical tour, where this village was once the place where Vietnamese people fled. Because in their country is being hit by war. The location of this tour precisely in Galang Island.

Due to internal conflicts in their country, they eventually fled to Indonesia and the Indonesian government allowed them to stay temporarily on the island. Until the conflicts were abated, they were repatriated.

However, after empty this village is still crowded with visitors who want to see this village of Vietnam. Because the conditions are also still the same as when the Vietnamese people fled here.

6. Bukit Senyum

If you are a person who loves to see the landscape from above, especially at night. Well, in Bukit Senyum you can see the view of Batam at night even you can also see the glitter of lights in Singapore.

This place is indeed a hill that became a favorite community batam during the new year and see the sparkling fireworks in Singapore. And also can be a fun and fun hangout.

7. Sekilak Beach

In addition to Nongsa Beach, in the area around Nongsa there is also a Beach again, the Beach Sekilak. The panorama is very beautiful to make visitors will feel at home for long on this beach. The area is located in Batu Besar Village, District Nongsa.

You can also enjoy the ocean off the cliffs around Tanjung Kedabang. You can enjoy the beautiful expanse of clean sand and colorful sea coral in the sea. Not only that at Sekilak Beach there are also artificial lake that is quite interesting and unique, called Teluk Penyu.

There are also facilities such as play rides and also rides like kayak boats, water bikes or fishing for you who are very hobby fishing. Although Teluk Penyu is just an artificial lake, but this lake looks beautiful and very interesting to visit.

8. Nagoya Complex

In Nagoya Complex there are various electronic goods that you want. Because Batam is also an industrial city that sells various kinds of electronics, bags, and other items.

Not complete if you have not shopped while on a trip to Batam. Here you can buy electronic goods at a reasonable price fit in the bag. For goods sold in the city of Batam are not subject to customs duties.

So good for you who want to shop here for by the family at home.

9. Melayu Beach

This beach is a very exciting beach to visit, especially when on vacation with family. The panorama is very beautiful and many games are also presented here.

If you want to swim or wet in the sea you need not worry because the waves or the atmosphere in the sea is very calm, to be suitable for children who want to swim in the sea. Here there are also banana boat rides that you can rent.

Boat ride, dive enjoy underwater, and other activities. Sure playing on this beach will make you feel the unforgettable excitement.

10. Barelang Bridge

Batam in addition to the unique tour also has a bridge that is so phenomenal and popular and become an icon of the Batam city bridge Barelang. Barelang Bridge is an acronym from Batam, Rempang and Galang. This bridge connects many islands from the city of Batam. Like the island of Nipah, Tonton Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island and New Galang Island.

This bridge is usually always visited by some people, there are indeed who want to cross to some islands, there are also just hanging out or relaxing around the bridge. Some even took pictures with Barelang bridge background.

11. Tanjung Bemban Beach

In Batam is a lot of beaches are fun to visit. But this one beach is also very pit to miss. On this beach you can see a lot of passing boats that take visitors to Singapore.

When you come here do not forget to enjoy food with seabed in this place that will shake your tongue of course.

12. Marina Beach

This beach is also quite popular in the city of Batam is located in the west around the Batam islands. This place is in addition to the number of tours are also used as a ferry port.

The beach is very beautiful and charming, there is also a unique green park to play the children. So it is perfect for you who want to take a family vacation. The entrance fee is quite affordable, ie three thousand rupiah for children and also six thousand rupiah for adults.

13. Tanjung Pinggir Beach

In Batam there are so many beautiful beaches. And this beach is also not to miss you when you leap to Batam. This beach is located at Tanjung Pingir, Sekupang, Batam. Uniquely the beach is directly dealing with the State of Singapore so that visitors can see the country from this beach.

From this beach to the island of Santosa is where Universal Studios is only about fourteen kilometers. Even the Three Byes Marina By Sands in Marina Marina Singapore is also visible.

The beach is very cleanly manicured, with its brownish sand stretching about two hundred and fifty meters from east to west. It’s just that on this beach there is no toilet facilities until if you want to defecate at least to the home residents around.

And also to the east of this beach there is also a rocky beach, can be used to sit back or fishing for the love of fishing. Although it’s a shame also because there is a place where it is still dirty by rubbish.

14. Golden Prawn Batam

If you love culinary travel, in Golden Prawn Batam this is the most famous culinary attractions in Batam. It is located in Bengkong laut, in Bengkong area.

The interesting location is right on the edge of the sea, with its place jutting into the sea, or facing directly into the sea. So when you eat seafood you can also feel the beauty of the blue sea also breeze that hit the face.

The food here is also very tasty and also in accordance with the price. So it is perfect for you who love culinary tour, so do not miss you this one restaurant.

15. Fatmawati Coffee House

If you really like hanging out. In Batam there is a cool hangout for you to visit. Like this Fatmawati Coffee House. It is located within the Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam Center. Just a few meters after entering the ocarina, then you will find an amazing hangout.

When the weather is sunny hanging out here is very unique and cool especially at night, the moonlight can compete with the sparkling lights in downtown Batam. Enjoying the blue sea and the breeze guaranteed to hang out will be more memorable.

16. Harbour Bay Food Court

There is another great hangout for those of you who have a decent pocket. Harbor Bay Food Court, comfortable and fun place with some pretty decent menu.

For example Kelong seafood, seafood hawaii or wey wey seafood. Feel hanging out in this place.

17. Queen Garden Waterboom

Tourist attractions that you should not miss is the Queen Garden Waterboom. The place is cool and some of these interesting facilities you can enjoy by paying thirty five thousand just during weekdays or fifty five thousand during weekend or national holiday.

The location is right in front of Bengkong subdistrict office, on an area of seventeen hectares. Here there are four high gliding and also six short slides for children. But the slide with the extreme shape and also unique is still not open to the public.

In addition to a fun slide here there is also a semi-Olympic pool with a length of about thirty meters and a depth of about two meters. Wow pretty for you who are very good at swimming.

Queen Garden Waterboom is still to be built with the added zoo in it, so not only swim but also can berekreasi nature and education.

18. Engku Putri Square

In Batam there is also a square that you can make a tourist destination with family. The square is a beautiful and neat garden. You can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere here with family or friends.

Around the square there are also several offices, places of worship and also a shopping area, until the square is crowded once visited by tourists. Good for those who just want to hang out casually or who want to capture the moment in the square.

Not only the families who come here, but also many young people who walk here to eliminate fatigue with friends.

19. Great Mosque Batam

The mosque is located on Jalan Engku Putri, Batam City has a quite unique shape. That is the shape of the dome with rectangular pyramid design or can also be called a pyramid and there is also a tower as high as sixty-six meters. Batam Great Mosque is usually called the Grand Mosque of Batam, this mosque becomes a pride for the people of Batam.

This mosque is very fascinating, for you who like the religious tour, here is perfect for you who want to worship by enjoying the beauty of the extraordinary mosque.

20. Cat Eye Forest

In addition to the beach in Batam also has a natural tour that is also extraordinarily beautiful. If you are a forest enthusiast, in Hutan Mata Kucing this could be your destination when traveling. The Cat Eye Forest is located at Jalan Taman Bukit Golf, Tanjung Riau, Sekupang, Batam City.

Travel here you will be in suguh various kinds of fauna, even the forest nature is very amazing. Walking around enjoying the cool of the trees and seeing the hundreds of animals collected in the Cat Eye Forest will give the impression of its own.

Here is also perfect for you who invite family and children to educate about the animals that are here. So do not let you miss this jungle tour this time to Batam.

21. Mirota Beach

Mirota Beach is a beach in Batam that is a pity to miss. This beach is famous for its beautiful white sand in Batam. This beach is also very famous of the many beaches in the city of Batam. Until this beach also has its own nickname that is white sand paradise at the end of Batam.

Is not it amazing? Even the sea is also very blue and clean, you can bermian sand, swim or just sit back to enjoy the beauty of the beach and sea.

22. Batam Botanic Garden

This botanical garden still includes a new tourist attraction in the city of Batam. Its location is in the residence, Galang, Batam.

Although new, in the Botanical Garden will present a variety of stunning beauty of flora. So still do not let you miss this one nature tour.

23. Jodoh Center Batam

From the name it seems this place is perfect for the singles who are looking to find a partner. Jodoh Center is a place that is fun to be in your destination when hanging out.

Jodoh Center is home to several shops selling a lot of goods. Also not far from Nagoya shopping complex. But here is also suitable for casual hang out and fun for you who want to eliminate the feeling of fatigue.

Those are some of the sights you need to visit, you can enjoy and capture the most interesting moments in some places. Especially with the family to invite more exciting and memorable.

Culinary Typical Batam Promotion

In addition you are also obliged to taste the typical culinary batam. Incomplete if the roads to Batam without tasting the typical culinary and evocative tastes. Usually culinary in Batam based sago and also sea fish.

1. Sop fish mackerel

Sop is a very popular food in Indonesia. In batam itself has a typical food of fish soup. And the fish made in this soup is mackerel fish.

Very delicious eaten with rice while still warm. Especially when the weather is cool, most delicious soup of this one.

2. Mi Sagu Khas Batam

For those of you who love noodles. Do not worry, you will be able to eat a typical noodle with the city of Batam sago noodles. Mi is made of wheat and sago with a larger shape and more chewy than usual.

Perhaps because the basic ingredients of this sago noodle is indeed from sago. Sago noodles are usually served with fish balls, touge and boiled eggs. So you will be tempted to eat it.

3. Tarempa Noodle

Well for you noodle enthusiasts, there are still processed noodles that maknyus dilidah typical city of Batam. That is earthquake noodle. This noodle is noodles that are processed like noodles in general.

But what distinguishes tarempa noodles with others is the topping of cob and other seafood sliced-suwir.

You deserve to try it, this noodle also you can make gifts for family at home.

4. Gong Gong Khas Batam

This food is based on sea slugs, which are processed by means of stir-fry or boiled with specified spices. This food is very typical in the area around Batam or Riau islands. It’s not hard to find this one in Batam, every outlet and a place to eat will definitely provide this one.

The foods are all fish-based and some like sago-based noodles.
It feels typical of Batam spices, so you will feel the Malay cuisine is very thick. Guaranteed you will be addicted. After eating it.

Well, when you go home do not forget to buy souvenirs that are on sale various shops by-in in Batam, the most important buy souvenirs typical batam for people at home to share the pleasure of Batam food.

Oleh Oleh Khas Batam Promotion

Some gifts you can buy as follows.

1. Rocklate

One sweet snack is very easy to get in Batam. This sweet food is a lot of looking for tourists when want to buy souvenirs. Well, now what is Rocklate.

Rocklate is a chocolate that is combined with marsmellow. So when eaten it feels very soft and melted in the mouth. The sweetness is also delicious.

Not only marsmellers, Rocklate is also usually combined with other ingredients such as biscuits and cashew nuts.

2. Layer Cake

Overview Layer Cake is almost like a legit layer cake. Both forms are very similar. Even the taste of Layer Cake is also almost the same. But still Layer Cake is a typical food or souvenir batam.

So for you who want to buy souvenirs for family at home. Layer Cake is also suitable for you to buy. Just go to the gift shop there you’ve got this Layer Cake.

3. Bingka Bakar

This one snack is very typical with Malays. And now the cake is very popular for made souvenirs when going on vacation. Bingka bakar almost the same as Bika Ambon. However, the typical Batam Bingka is different because the processed is by burning. Until issuing a typical burning aroma.

Burning frames have several flavor variants, such as strawberries, chocolate, vanilla, pandanus, sesame, and cheese. This one is very practical you bring. And available at various gift shops in Batam area.

4. Kek Pisang Villa

This one is very typical of Batam once. Cake with basic ingredients of this banana is loved by many tourists who are traveling to the area around Batam.

This cake also has many types of toppings. Such as cheese, peanuts and chocolate. Very practical and easy to get in Batam souvenir shop. And easy to carry for family at home.


5. Bilis Molen.

You know banana molen? Definitely know dong. Well this molen release is very similar to banana molen. The difference between molten bilis contains anchovy but the dough is the same skin with molten banana skin mixture.

If the banana molen can only be used as a snack, molen bilis can instead be used as a fish or side dish to eat with white rice.

6. Luti Gendang

Luti drum is a very similar snack with croquette. But different material. If the croquettes use different potato materials with Luti drums that use bread dough materials.

If the contents of croquettes are rogout Luti drums containing fish cooked with certain spices. Then fried until brownish and then sold to visitors.

7. Stik Buah Naga

Dragon Fruit known as fresh fruit is widely used As a desert. However, unlike the dragon fruit of this one. Dragon fruit is made in the form of a stick. In a long cut and then dried and fried.

Sticks dragon fruit is very suitable made a typical souvenir from Batam. And can be used as a snack when relaxing.

It’s a typical food and souvenir that you can buy from Left. You can stop by to the shop around Batam and buy it there. There are so many things you can buy and try. For those of you who never eat typical food from Batam.

Indeed culinary in Batam is very typical with sea fish or seafood. So for you who come from outside the city of Batam, do not waste the above typical food. As a complement to your wisatamu. Coming back from Batam, your tongue will be satisfied with the typical food here.

Tour Travel Batam Singapura

So what are you waiting for if you have free time or a long holiday, you can visit Batam. And enjoy the beauty of nature and its exquisite beaches and capture the most memorable moments for the memories at home.

Let my traveling buddy traveling to Batam, guaranteed your holiday will be fun and will not be bored. Happy weekend friends.


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