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You will never endlessly discuss the natural beauty of Indonesia. Every place in Indonesia must have its own uniqueness. It is undeniable that Indonesia is rich in everything, so many call it the tropical paradise of the world. Even the tourists from abroad was willing to spend deeply just want to see the natural beauty of Indonesia.

When the holiday season has arrived, what you will be sure of is going for a walk, leisurely to a beautiful and calm place, to refresh the saturated mind with every activity every day. It is not impossible if friends must be with the city view every day.

Surely you really want to go to a remote place without any disturbing crowds. Do not go all the way out of the country, in your own country in Indonesia a lot of interesting and amazing places to visit friends. In Indonesia very many tropical places, ranging from mountains, mountains, sea, forest and so have its own charm.

Indonesia is a country that has a variety of islands and culture, no doubt a lot of foreign tourists who are interested to come here. History in Indonesia is no less unique, a lot of fun historic places in visit. Just like in Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat, Jogja, It turns out Indonesia has a unique and exotic place again, cool friend.

For example in Riau Islands or commonly called by Riau Islands. Riau islands have a lot of islands ranging from big islands to small islands. Some of the islands are inhabited by an uninhabited island, but its natural beauty is so amazing. No friends far all the way to Hawaii, in the Riau Islands has a lot of tourist attractions in the form of white sand beaches are very exotic and fascinating.

Indonesia is a fantastic island country. A variety of cultures and outstanding natural beauty is entitled to get the nickname of beautiful Country in Asia. Indonesia is rich in exotic islands. As in the Riau Islands. Which has a cluster of large and small islands lying in the South China Sea region.

Not to mention the many tourist destinations with facilities and beautiful scenery. Makes many foreign tourists come to enjoy the perfect natural scenery. As in Lingga located in Riau Islands. Like the mountains and hills that decorate the islands of Indonesia.

Indonesia’s extraordinary wealth can even attract many foreign tourists who come here. So proud we become one of the people of Indonesia who has a beautiful natural beauty. Its tropical forests and the sea are rich in various types of fish. Making Indonesia known as heaven.

Lots of islands are very much liked more tourists especially in the Riau Islands region. The island is so famous for its cluster of islands that have a variety of beauty and its extraordinary natural wealth. Also the islands are full of all kinds of exotic nature tours

Riau Islands has many clusters of islands. The island of Riau Islands has its own characteristic and beautiful tourist spot. Never miss any of the islands in Riau Islands. Every cluster on the island is dominated by the oceans. And the land is only about a few percent.

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Lots of advantages possessed by the Riau Islands because of its geographical location is so strategic. For Riau Islands fitting is at the entrance to the Strait of Malacca. And from the east is also adjacent to the Asia Pacific financial business center. And has a capital that lies in the sea and air transport routes are so strategic. and one of them is Lingga Island.

Lingga Island is one of the islands that have extraordinary beauty in Riau archipelago. The landscape on Lingga Island is also not less than Batam, Bintan or Anambas.

Daik regency with its capital is not so famous and even not to be the main tourist destination when the Riau Islands. Whereas in Lingga lot save the natural beauty of the tour is amazing. Daik itself became the nickname “Mother of the Land of Melayu” by its natural potential Lingga has a pretty good tourist attraction and beautiful.

Then you will never get bored while visiting Lingga. Lots of beaches and interesting natural attractions for you to visit. Even many religious sights and also contains the history of Linga in ancient times. Well, you certainly are not interested? Well, here will be explained the attractions you should visit when the island Lingga.

01. Benan Island

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This island is an island that you must visit while in Lingga, Benan Island has a very exotic natural beauty of the beach, from its clear sea and its soft white sand and clean.

Benan Island tour is still new. This island is very famous for its beautiful beaches, as well as the potential of coral reefs are very beautiful. Even every year Benan Island always holds Lingga Fishing Festival event.

Benan Island can be taken for one hour from the port of Sribintan Tanjung Pinang. This small island has an area of ​​about five hundred square kilometers, with a population of two hundred heads of families. Access to the island of Benan is not difficult, just stay aboard the fast ferry Daek destination.

Benan has a beach that is so interesting to visit, even managed well by the community and government. The soft white sand and the sparkling and clear water of the sea make coral reefs clearly visible even from the boat though. You can also do snorkeling, or diving on this beach. Because the underwater beauty is very dear to miss, coral reefs and beautiful fish beautify the underwater world on the island of Benan.

There is also a cottage cottage that is managed well by the community and even has been managed by the district government Lingga. One rental cottage cost is also quite affordable. Renting a cottage costs two hundred thousand, and some of it consists of two rooms, one living room and also a bathroom. This one island, although small however, the facilities are very nice and complete.

But also still have limitations such as water and electricity. Water is only obtained from the wells around the residents, while the electricity can only live from the afternoon until midnight, because the electricity is still using the power of jenset.

The population of Benan Island is mostly a fisherman, some are establishing keramba for the culture of groupers, some are processing the catch to be used as food products such as dried anchovies, fish crackers, and so forth.

Most of the tribes in Benan are Malay and Tiong Hoa. The community is also very friendly and nice in welcoming the tourists. Even it seems Benan society is already aware of the tour, to the management of tourism on the island of Benan so good and good. But there are still very few trash facilities, and it is very hard to find. Usually the tourists are greeted with jangked jangked performance when just arrived on the island of Benan.

To get there it would be good if you come in the months of February to August as weather considerations. Also do not forget to bring your own snacks or food from home, because there are only a few grocery stores on the island of Benan.

02. Batu Ampar Waterfall



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While walking you are not only on the beach alone while on the island Lingga. In Lingga there is also a very amazing natural attractions, namely Batu Ampar Waterfall.

This waterfall is located in Batu Kacang, Kecamatan Singkep, ten kilometers from downtown Dabo. There is also a swimming bath for you who want to relax. Access to the waterfall is also not too difficult, along the way you will be presented beautiful scenery that pamper the eyes. The unspoiled forests and fresh waterfalls make you very interested in this place.

Facilities at the waterfall is also quite complete, there is even a pond of freshwater fish culture that adds a beautiful impression in the waterfall. Only with the price is not too expensive, you can enjoy the beauty of nature is so beautiful and beautiful.

03. Batu Berdaun Beach

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Coming here will give you a sensation in your trip. This beach is arguably the prettiest and beautiful beach in Lingga. This beach has a very long beach lips and stretch of white sand is very charming in perindah with rows of coconut trees are waving in the wind. Guaranteed you will feel at home lingering on this beach.

Access to the beach is not difficult, this beach is located in Batu Berdaun Village, District Singkep, Lingga District. From the port of Tanjung Pinang city will take four hours using fast ferry. Facilities there also seemed enough for you who visit there. There is also a gazebo for you who want to relax enjoy the stunning breeze of the beach.

04. Daik Mountain

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Not only about the beach when in the Riau Islands region. Many natural attractions are also presented when you visit the Riau Islands. One of them is Mount Daik.

This mountain is very towering and combined with a stretch of exotic natural beauty surrounding. This mountain is the highest mountain in Linhga County.

This mountain has a height of 1165 mdpl and has three branches of the mountain peak. And in each peak has its own name. Highest is Mount Daik and the rather middle-called Mountain Pejantan or Pinjam-borrowing and the smallest named Cindai Crying.

This mountain you can make the climb, for you who love to climb the mountain. Seen from the bottom too, this mountain is also very interesting and fun and this place is perfect for the main tourist destination.

05. Berhala Island

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This island that had become a struggle between Jambi and Riau Islands. Because of its magnificent beauty, very clear sea water is turquoise blue, there is white sand and also some big rocks. This island also has its own history of the history of the burial of King Jambi in this place.

This island does save a variety of exotic beauty for you who love the beach tour. Although access here is also quite far through the sea but you can also travel from Jambi which takes only two hours. This place is also suitable to be the main destination when walking in Kepri.

06. Resun Water Fall

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No doubt here are also some waterfall tour that is fascinating to the eye. This waterfall is very beautiful and also interesting for you visit. Waterfall here is not so high with a fairly steep slope.

This waterfall is located in Resun Village, East Lingga District, Lingga Regency. Waterfalls surrounded by a forest that is also very amazing, looks very natural and impressive. To enjoy it you can live directly wet basalt on the waterfall.

For those of you who do not have a lot of wallets, here is a suitable place because here it is free, and only a distance of fifteen kilometers from the city of Daik

07. Dungun Beach

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This beach is a very pretty beach. That’s amazing that will come out of your mind while visiting this beach. Beach with a long coastline is very beautiful and exotic combined also with a stretch of white sand that is very clean nan soft. In addition, the trees located on the back of the beach makes this beach more beautiful and beautiful.

Beauty and facilities on this beach will also surely make you comfortable visiting here. This very exotic island can you capture by taking pictures in every beauty.


08. Penaah Island



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The island is obliged once you visit if you are very fond of marine tourism. Because this island holds a lot of marvelous marine beauty. Here are also available various facilities that would make you become more comfortable even there are already five cottages for you who want to stay on this island.

When you come here you will really feel in heaven, feel the comfort and tranquility that is very impressive, plus more there are some fishing spots that make you will not be bored to be in this place.

09. Lalang Island

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This one island also has a remarkable beauty, the island is located in District Singkep, Berhala Village, Lingga District. The beach has a natural beauty that is so interesting and natural.

Blue sea is so sparkling and clean white sand makes this island look beautiful and exotic, and the trees also decorate on the back of the coast gives its own impression

10. Mosque of Jami ‘Sultan Lingga

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For those of you who really love religious tourism, in Daik, Linga Regency also there is a Great Mosque that became an icon on Lingga Island that is the Mosque of Jami ‘Sultan Lingga. Touring religion here enough to make you calm and peaceful, even entering this mosque will feel cool and comfortable.

This mosque has a thick architecture with typical Malay. Worshiping to this mosque will provide inner peace afterwards.

11. Kompleks Istana Damnah

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Here is a site of the former palace building of the Lingga Sultanate. There is a palace debris that still stands erect, there is also a replica of the palace building that was built in 2002. There are also booths 44 and also an unfinished art building until the end of the sultanate.

12. Museum of Linggam Cahaya

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This museum is the only museum on the former Daik Malay sultanate site. There are also several books, manuscripts, and even historical objects stored in this museum.

13. Bukit Cengkeh Tomb

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Bukit Cengkeh is located in the Upper Tandan Daik District. This tomb is on a hill, this complex has three tombs of the Lingga sultans.

14. Benteng dan Pulau Dato Kaya Montel

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Mepar Island lies to the south of Pulau Lingga, and also facing directly to Tanjung Buton. To get there you can rent a transportation in the form of pompong leased by local people. There are four fortresses that became the fortress of the Lingga Sultanate. And there is the grave of Dato Rich Montel, the ruler of the Sea Lingga.

Those are some of the most beautiful and worthy tourist places for you to visit. In every place has its own distinctive features that make you addicted to keep coming to these places.


In Lingga there are also special foods that you must also taste while visiting the island Lingga. When it’s there is not complete without eating food with a distinctive taste Linga. Some typical foods that you must incip are Lakse Kuah. Most in Riau is always based food sago and sea fish.

Linga also like that, it is known Lakse Kuah is a food from noodles made from sago and also a sauce made from coconut milk and also marine fish such as shrimp or other fish in finely crushed and added with a typical Malay spices. Lakse sauce is very famous in the islands of the Riau Islands no doubt if during a visit there you will immediately see many food stalls selling this one food.

Besides Lakse Sauce there is also Gubal. Gubal is a typical food of Lingga. Linga always used the basic ingredients of sago in his food. No exception Gubal, this food is a mixture of grated young coconut mixed with stingrays stingrays and combined with spicy sauce guaranteed you will be addicted after eating it.

Apparently in Lingga also there is a delicious culinary and can be eaten as a fever healer. This food is called slurp lambok, pulp is not yet famous lingga linga, but in Lingga own porridge lambok become the most favored food by Lingga community. Slurry itself is sago slice boiled with vegetables and mixed with anchovies. Guaranteed warmth of porridge will make you feel delicious and delicious dilidah.

Before you go home you can also stop by first to beberpa gift shop for family at home. Very loss if you go home without bringing souvenirs or typical Lingga souvenirs.

What do you think? Lingga is very interesting not to visit? Especially the typical food that will make you addicted to continue to taste it. The variety of culture and the friendliness of the community will make you feel good at Lingga.

Lingga Island is not as well known as the other islands in the Riau Islands. But the tourism potential is equally interesting and fascinating with other islands.

Most beaches have clean sea, white sand and coral reefs are diverse and beautiful. Can do snorkeling or fishing in the middle of natural beauty Lingga exotic.

Come on, when are you waiting for the opportunity to Lingga Island. Do not lose to foreign tourists who can know more beautiful places in Indonesia. As in Indonesia also includes the world’s paradise. The tropical forests of many charming beaches and exotic islands. Make a lot of foreign tourists interested in visiting here.

Do not wait any later, during a long holiday and have a good buget you do not have to hesitate to visit various tours in Lingga. Sure you will be amazed and amazed by the beautiful beaches at Lingga. It will even keep you in mind when you come home from Lingga.

Or maybe you will be addicted to go back to Lingga, Indonesia’s paradise place besides Raja Ampat. Although not as popular as Raja Ampat, the places in Lingga are not less than Raja Ampat. Both have exotic exotic beaches, mountains and beautiful islands. Make you feel at home to stay linger here.

For those of you who also want to stay at Lingga Island Here too many provide lodging facilities or resorts are beautiful and comfortable for you and your family stay. Enjoy the comfort and relax at the resort moments after a long walk to eliminate fatigue.

From the past until now Indonesia is very liked by many people abroad. Its vast biodiversity. And the flora and fauna are rarely encountered in other countries. Making Indonesia dubbed as a world paradise.

One of the world’s paradises in Indonesia is the Riau Islands. There are so many of the beauty of his life. There are also many natural forests that are protected and are not touched by sassy hands. But the most famous are the beaches on every islands scattered from east to west of Riau Islands.

One of the beauty of Riau Islands is Lingga Island. Remote access will not dampen the wishes of the tourists who want to know the natural beauty of Lingga Island.

Traveling to Lingga Island do not miss culinary on a typical Lingga Island. Usually culinary on Lingga Island is a seafood type of food.

Some culinary places besides culinary seafood there are also cafes for just coffee and relax. And some culinary places on Lingga Island. Lingga Island is also famous for its stunning coral reefs, you do not miss any of its beauty while you are playing and diving under the sea of ​​Lingga Island.

The diversity of the fish here is also so much. Clown fish or small fish that are so colorful beautifully adorn the underwater island.

In Lingga Island itself is also so many resorts you can get. And the place is so natural to make you comfortable at the resort around Lingga Island. Enjoy the sea view from the resort to the inn.

Lingga Island is great for snorkeling and fishing. However, the tour on Lingga Island is still to be addressed. Even so Linga Island also has a convenient and complete resort facilities for you who want to relax after doing all day tourism activities.

So what makes you hesitate? Let’s enliven Lingga Island and promote it. Lingga Island to be ogled by the government so that the tour will be managed properly.

While relieving the stress by listening to the rustling of the calm waves on the beach. Play fresh water when the hot weather will not be felt. Hunting fish and photographing it can also do. Just relax to avoid debt. Oh no, relaxing avoids the busyness and weariness of the work that piles up. Until after return the body of mind has been refreshed.

When you experience saturation and fullness at home you can try to leaf to Lingga Island that presents the beauty of a stunning future. Swimming around the beach at Lingga Island will add pleasure to the heart.

So many beaches that offer beauty for you who want to visit.

For you Indonesian people will definitely not be sanctioned the natural beauty in Indonesia is not. If you want to know Lingga Island is almost like in Bunaken, Raja Ampat, or beaches in Lombok and Bali. But the difference in lingga island is still natural and not much touched people and its management is still not maximal.

So let’s enjoy the beauty of the beach in every cluster of Linga Island. Do not hesitate to travel snorkeling in the stunning coastal region. You are right in suguhkan various natural scenery and the beaches are esksotis.

Beautiful coral reefs adorn the beautiful islands and underwater. Fishing ships that are seen looking for fish will you meet along the sea trip to Lingga Island. Take the moment to find the rare coral reefs and small fishes that are under the sea of ​​Lingga Island. Enjoy the beautiful coconut trees lined the beautiful beaches around. Sit back while enjoying the fresh young coconuts at the beach gazebo. Watch the corals under the sea in Lingga Island.

And watch the sunset and sunrise. Take a long journey to every island in the cluster of Lingga Island. Enjoy his unique and delicious culinary. Stay and relax at the inn while chatting with the locals.

You will find many exciting moments when visiting Lingga Island.

Indeed Kepulaun Riau has a variety of exotic islands. With the beauty of the sea is so beautiful and clean.

So it’s for you that it’s time for a vacation. Scatter yourself to book a tour package to Lingga Island guaranteed your holiday will be very fun and interesting. You too will be a cool tourist.

And you become an updated traveler. Spreading the beauty of nature and beaches on Lingga Island, and interesting photographs will not be missed.

Although far away buddy traveler to remove stress you first walk to Linga Island. Promise everything will pay off after getting there. Do not miss the culinary as well as to Lingga Island for more complete roads. Bring a souvenir for your family if you are a visitor from outside the island or out of town. So that they are happy home and also want to travel also to the island Lingga.

Get a fascinating experience just by taking a trip to the stunning Lingga Island. Hopefully the above info can give you an interest to enjoy Leks Island ecotourism.

Indonesia is the number one tourist spot in the world with the beauty of the beach that no one can match it. Happy holiday buddy traveler. May your holidays with friends and family be more fun.

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