Bread Duo Batam Variations in the Taste of “Cheap Prices are Double Tasty”

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Bread Duo Batam Variations in the Taste of “Cheap Prices are Double Tasty”

Roti Duo Batam Murah Harganya ! Double Enaknya !
Naougat Roti Duo Batam


The latest Batam Culinary Bread Duo with the tag line “Cheap Prices, Double It feels!” It has been opened in Batam since March 11, 2018, attended by friends from Media Batam, Selebgram Batam, Kepri Blogger, and also the Kepri Promotion Team. Shop Address: Botania Garden Shopping Complex Phase III A4 block No.1.

Bread Duo Batam wants to meet the basic needs of humans, namely carbohydrate foods so that the community can be fulfilled from the needs of healthy food and of course also the snacks that can be enjoyed and also at prices that match the bag.

Community needs in the workforce, one of the goals of the establishment of the Roti Duo Batam, is to increase the economy of the community. And also become a Bread that can be accepted by the community and also become a superior product for the socialites and children of the present era, especially the families of the present, and also the father of the present era, and nowadays mothers.

The composition and basic ingredients of Roti Duo are loaf-shaped uncovered bread, then powdered milk, eggs and yeast, high protein flour, then given jam filling so that it can match the flavors plus cheese grated on bread sweetened with choco chip topping.

Roti Duo offers attractive packaging both from bread and how to buy it. When the buyer wants to buy Roti Duo, he can choose the taste first, then process it by the Roti Duo Officer who will provide and polish the jam in front of the buyer (providing an interesting experience for the buyer).

Roti Duo offers 4 flavors, Ceres, Cheese, Srikaya, and Coklat.

– Roti Duo Ceres

Using high-protein flour ingredients, milk powder. sugar, eggs and yeast. This Duo ceres bread has butter cream filling with added ceres granules that stick full in it. With choco chip topping plus cheese grated on bread makes this Bread Duo collect again and again.

– Roti Duo Cheese

Based on ordinary bread, but does not use a lid, it is loaf shaped using high protein flour, milk powder, sugar, eggs and yeast. With Cheese flavor filling and grated cheddar cheese. Moreover, choco chip topping and grated cheese on top make it rich in delicious and delicious cheese flavor.

–  Roti Duo Srikaya

Made using raw materials that have high protein flour, milk powder, sugar, eggs, and yeast. Then srikaya filling is applied in the center, with choco chip topping and cheese grated add to the savory flavor and mix with the sweetness of srikaya.

– Roti Duo Coklat

Bread Duo raw materials use selected ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, yeast and milk powder. With choco chip topping and grated cheese then added chocolate jam filling which is smeared in the middle of the bread, adding to the pleasure of eating it.

Batam Bread Duo Line Tag “Cheap Prices, Double It feels!”, With prices starting from Rp. 15,000-Rp. 35,000. However, the most expensive flavors are the taste of cheese or cheese.

The 2nd outlet of Roti Duo Comes 2 Latest Flavors (Nougot and Choco Cheese)

Roti Duo Batam Murah Harganya ! Double Enaknya !
The desire of Batam residents with Batam Duo Bread

Batam City community turned out to be very enthusiastic with the presence of culinary in the form of bread with this large size, so that some residents who came all the way to the first outlet located at Komp. Shops Botania Garden Blok A4 No. 1, in order to try duo bread which is often seen as large and also cheap plus delicious.

Roti Duo Batam Murah Harganya ! Double Enaknya !
Officers were busy serving the density of residents who flooded the 2nd outlet

Roti Duo Batam on April 7, 2018 has opened the latest outlet with an address on Komp. Anugrah Park Shop No. 7 Bengkong Palapa and presents 2 newest flavors, in answering calls to residents so that they can get Batam Bread Duo supply closer to home.

Two flavors of the latest Roti Duo Batam are Nougot and Choco Cheese.

Roti Duo Batam Murah Harganya ! Double Enaknya !
Naougat Roti Duo Batam

The Naougat variant is a peanut or Morin flavor mixed with caramel and Cream mocca.

Roti Duo Batam Murah Harganya ! Double Enaknya !
Choco Cheese

While the Choco Cheese variant is a combination of chocolate and cheese flavor in one bread.

Roti Duo Batam Murah Harganya ! Double Enaknya !

The concept of entrepreneurship is embedded in the Roti Duo Batam, in practice the Roti Duo Batam recruits a special workforce of Housewives. So that it is expected to also help the economy of Batam residents and surrounding areas.

Roti Duo Batam Murah Harganya ! Double Enaknya !

In this paper I pray that Bread Duo can be a bread product that is in great demand by the people of Batam City and eventually becomes a national level and can go international, aamiin.

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