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Enjoy the Beautiful Tourism Tanjungpinang Riau Islands

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Enjoy the Beautiful Tourism Tanjungpinang Riau Islands
Enjoy the Beautiful Tourism Tanjungpinang Riau Islands

Not to mention the many tourist destinations with beautiful facilities and scenery. Makes many foreign tourists come to enjoy the perfect natural scenery. Like in Tanjung Pinang located in the Riau Islands. Like mountains and hills that adorn the islands of Indonesia. Indonesia’s extraordinary wealth can even attract many foreign tourists who come here. So proud we become one of the people of Indonesia who has a beautiful natural beauty. Its tropical forests and the sea are rich in various types of fish. Making Indonesia known as heaven.

When the holiday season has arrived, what you will think about is to want to go for a walk, take a trip to a beautiful and quiet place, to reflect thoughts that are saturated with all activities every day. It is not impossible if a friend must be drowned out with city views every day. Surely you really want to go to a remote place occasionally without disturbing crowds. Do not go all the way out of the country, in your own country in Indonesia a lot of interesting and amazing places to visit friends. In Indonesia very many tropical places, ranging from mountains, mountains, sea, forest and so have its own charm.

Indonesia is a country that has a variety of islands and culture, no doubt a lot of foreign tourists who are interested to come here. History in Indonesia is no less unique, a lot of fun historic places in visit. Just like in Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat, Jogja, It turns out Indonesia has a unique and exotic place again loh comrade. For example in Riau Islands or commonly called by Riau Islands. Riau islands have a lot of islands ranging from big islands to small islands. Some of the islands are inhabited by an uninhabited island, but its natural beauty is so amazing. No friends far all the way to Hawaii, in the Riau Islands has a lot of tourist attractions in the form of white sand beaches are very exotic and fascinating.

For example in the city of Tanjung Pinang. Tanjung Pinang is the capital of the Riau Islands province. Usually the writing of Tanjung Pinang is always shortened to Tg. Pinang. Formerly Tanjung Pinang is the central government of the Riau Sultanate and before being transferred to Pekanbaru Tanjung Pinang is the capital of Riau Province.

The city has some charming tourist attractions, such as beaches that have clean white sand and so vast. Tanjung Pinang also has access to the sea port of Tanjung Pinang in Sri Bintan and has a fast ferry or ferry boat. The vessel is provided for domestic travel to the surrounding islands such as Batam, Karimun and around Riau.

For transportation in Tanjung Pinang is mostly sea transportation. There are twenty ports in Tanjung Pinang, one of the Tanjung Pinang International ports of Sri Bintan. Tanjung Pinang land has one terminal, namely Sei Carang Terminal and one airport, Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport.

Tourism in Tanjung Pinang is also quite a lot and fascinating, you should visit some interesting sights in Tanjung Pinang to re-enforce themselves. Especially if the holiday season has arrived. Some places that you must visit when to Tanjung Pinang are as follows.

1. Grand Mosque of Sultan Riau

You should not be unfamiliar with this One Mosque. Mosque built with egg white. It turned out to have its own charm. The Grand Mosque is better known for its amazing history. And this mosque is a witness to the greatness of the Sultan of Riau. What is of interest to this mosque besides its development history is that it contains manuscripts of handwritten Al-Qur’an by Abdurrahman Stambul. Waw is amazing is not it. You who like religious tourism, then you will be satisfied with the tour to MasjidRaya Sultan Riau.

The architecture is also very unique, with a mix of several styles namely Arabic, Indian and Malay. In this mosque there are also buildings for ablution on the right and left sides of the mosque, on the right and left side of the mosque courtyard there is also a hall as a meeting place. The stage is shaped like a stage without walls.

If you want to get there from the Port of Sri Bintan Pura, you must take a motorboat first and cross the sea for about fifteen minutes.

2. Grand Mosque of Dompak

There are more religious tours in Tanjung Pinang that do not let you pass, namely the Grand Mosque of Dompak. This mosque is located in Dompak Village and is on the highest plateau in the Tanjung Pinang area. So, when you are in the Dompak Grand Mosque you can see half of the Tanjung Pinang area.

To get to the mosque is very easy and not too long, it only takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to get to the Dompak Grand Mosque. Here you will feel. Different and calm worship sensations.

3. Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva

In addition to the mosque there is also a monastery Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva or commonly also called Vihara Thousand Faces. Why is it called a thousand faces?

Because there are so many statues with various expressions on display in this monastery. Moreover, not only Buddhists who come to visit here. Other religions can visit this monastery to look around and take pictures.

The monastery is located west of Tanjung Pinang, about ten kilometers from the city center. And it takes about twenty minutes to get to the monastery.

4. Penyengat Island

Location Penyengat Island is only about 5 Km from Tanjung Pinang. The island is better known for its history. Maybe you have heard the White Egg Mosque.

That supposedly said this mosque was built by Raja Sultan Riau which adhesive using egg whites and paint using yolk. In addition Penyengat Island is also famous for beautiful nan beautiful baharinya. Makes you feel at home for a long time on this island.

5. Fortress of Bukit Kursi

Here there is a Fortress called Bukit Kursi. This castle is on Penyengat Island and is a historical evidence available in Tanjung Pinang as a protection from invaders in its time.

Bukit Kursi Fortress design is quite unique and interesting, built in trenches. There are also cannons, but some cannons have been sold in the colonial period as junk goods, some are missing or damaged due to lack of care.

6. Gonggong Building

This Gonggong building is also referred to as Boenda’s Page. There is always a crowd of visitors, whether it’s just exercising, or taking a leisurely stroll and selfie. The place is quite comfortable and fun to enjoy the wind. Usually in the afternoon before the evening had many traders who began to hold merchandise.

The place is also quite spacious, there is a seat if you want to relax or chat with family or friends. There is also a playground for children. Sure you will still be satisfied if the streets to Gonggong Building.

7. Traditional Hall of Indera Perkasa

The hall is a traditional Malay traditional house, in the form of a stage that is wide enough to welcome guests or banquets.

The location is quite attractive directly facing the coast or sea. Until you can see the sea directly from this hall.

8. Dompak Bridge

If Batam has the Barelang Bridge as an icon of Batam city. So in Tanjung Pinang there is also the Dompak Bridge.

This bridge connects between Tanjung Pinang and other cities around Tanjung Pinang. Lots of people who come to this bridge to just take a walk or even take pictures around the bridge.

9. Stone Garden 10

This park has just been opened to the public. Ie this park is still new. In this park can be a recreational alternative for those of you who want to take a walk, hang out casually, or let go of fatigue while working. Exercise and as a playground for children.

The facilities there will still be developed to be better and complete. There will be a children’s playground and skateboard. Then your path will be more exciting.

10. Taman Gurindam

Gurindam Park is located at Jalan Hangtuah, Tanjung Pinang. Decent gardens in general. This park is very fun to hang out, walk and relax.

Not only adults, teenagers are also a lot of people who visit this Park Gurindam.

11. Tepi Laut

Seaside is a fun family recreation place. Usually the seaside is the first sight of people who docked in Tanjung Pinang. Here is very fun for you who want to eliminate fatigue. Whether with family or with friends.

Especially during holidays there will be many visitors who come to this seaside. If by late afternoon there will be street vendors who hold their wares until evening. So there is no need to worry about thirst or hunger, you can buy snacks at the edge of the sea.

12. Pensil Monuments

Well, when you go to Tanjung Pinang, don’t forget to stop at the Pencil Monument first. The location is on the road of Haji Agus Salim Tanjung Pinang. The fun of this monument is on the beach. This monument is called a pencil monument because it has the shape of a pencil. As a form of literacy eradication. And also an award for the Riau islands that have succeeded in eliminating illiteracy there.

The exoticism of this monument lies in the beach which makes it more beautiful. Lots of visitors who come here especially during the holiday season or weekend. There are traders who sell various foods or drinks around the monument. Traveling with family is also more fun while enjoying the beautiful natural beaches.

13. Tugu Proklamasi Riau

This monument is located on the seafront of Tanjung Pinang. This monument is built for symbols. It is the first time it raises the red and white flag in Tanjung Pinang and is a memorial to the history of heroism.

14. Tugu Gonggong Legenda

In Tanjung Pinang there is a monument and a shape like a bark where this bark is a food shaped gonggong shell That became food of the city of Tanjung Pinang. The place is right by the sea, so you can take pictures with the monument barking by enjoying the beautiful view of the sea.

15. Pantai Impian

When visiting Tanjung Pinang don’t forget to stop by the Dream Beach. The beach is very interesting and popular in Tanjung Pinang. Lots of luxurious facilities that are served at Pantai Impian.

This beach can be a recommended beach when you visit Tanjung Pinang. Not only that there are also various culinary on this beach that will surely make you full and hooked on this beach. Many water rides facilities that you can do in this Dream Beach. Then you will really be satisfied after going to this beach.

16. Pantai Tanjung Siambang

Tanjung Siambang Beach is located in Paulau Dompak precisely north of Tanjung Pinang. About ten kilometers from the center of Tanjung Pinang city with a land trip of approximately twenty minutes.

This beach is very beautiful and exotic, so beautiful with some sedimentary rocks on this beach. The number of mangroves that thrive is making this beach look so natural.

Feeling the coolness of the trees on the shoreline is a comfort. In addition there were several fishermen who also put their fishing rods to find fish. Then this beach is more complete and charming to visit.

17. Vihara Avalokitesvara

Tours in Tanjung Pinang are not just beaches or parks. There are also other tourist attractions, namely Vihara Avalokitesvara. The monastery, known as the largest monastery in the world, is located in Water King Village about 14 Km from Tanjung Pinang City Center.

Its neat and clean place is perfect for you who want to berselii ria. In this monastery you will be presented with a statue of a thousand faces and the most interesting one you will see is the statue of Dewi Kuan Yin Phu Sha which was named by the Indonesian Record Museum as the largest Kuan Yin statue in the room.

In addition to the magnificent buildings in this temple there are also gardens and gardens are neatly arranged. If you want to visit and photographs, it would be nice if you first asked the officers which parts to visit and not. Because this temple is a place to worship too.

18. Areca Waterpark

In Tanjung Pinang there are also the largest and most comprehensive waterboom rides. Namely at Areca Waterpark. Here there are so many play rides for children. So when you travel with your family and children it would be nice to take him here.

You can swim satisfactorily and can even play slides even those that are fun. First time to enter any area you certainly do not hesitate to play water. There are a number of swimming pools for adults and children as well as some slides that can make you more fun while swimming. The facilities are also quite complete so you will feel fun and comfortable without worrying.

19. Mall Ramayana Tanjung Pinang

If you love shopping you can visit Ramayana Mall in Tanjung Pinang. Here is a shopping center that provides some clothes and things or snacks for at home.

Even you can also buy a family gift here after returning from Tanjung Pinang.

20. Museum Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alamsyah

The museum is a museum of cultural history. Collections in the museum are Tanjung Pinang’s histories including art and cultural diversity. The existence of this museum so that the community can live the noble culture that has been abandoned.

21. Vihara Kampung Senggarang

For religious tourism for those of you who are Buddhists. You can visit this Senggarang Village Temple. In addition to visiting to see you can also all worship in this temple.

You can also take pictures with the statues in this monastery. For example the statue of Dewi Kuan Im. Dragon Statue, or Statue of Kera Sakti. The place is on the coast so in addition to going to the monastery you can also enjoy the beauty of the coast.

22. Pantai Trikora

Trikora Beach is located 45 Km east of Riau Islands, Tanjung Pinang. Precisely in Malang Village Meeting, Gunung Kijang District, Bintan Regency. Trikora Beach also has the natural beauty of the beach that is not less amazing loh. Lots of interesting facilities there.

Along the way to Trikora Beach you will be spoiled with views of fishing houses lined up, luxury resorts to mangrove forests. There you can fish, snorkel, play kites and interesting ones you can also, rent a tour package to visit uninhabited islands.

Waw is amazing is not it? You can also culinary tour with a variety of typical Malay food. Are you interested?

23. White Sands Island

When in Tanjung Pinang the place you must visit is the island of sand baralas. Or commonly called White Sands Island. This beach is very beautiful with clean white sand and blue sea water with beautiful coral reefs. It is located in Bakau Bay, Gunung Kijang, Bintan, Tanjung Pinang.

Lots of amenities such as resorts, lodges, docks and interesting facilities that you can enjoy. So it is suitable for you who want to visit family or honeymoon with your partner.

24. Akau Potong Lembu

If you like snacks, you can visit Akau Potong Lembu. There are a lot of snacks are on sale ranging from seafood, grilled chicken, or any typical traditional food. And various types of drinks are all there. It is located in Kemboja, Tanjung Pinang Barat, Tanjung Pinang.
That’s some of the tourist attractions in Tanjung Pinang that you can visit. If you guys may be at home you can enjoy some of the places above and enjoy the marvelous baharinya.

Cullinary of Tanjungpinang

In addition to the amazing tour, your journey will not be complete if you do not taste or taste typical culinary Tanjung Pinang. Yes, Tanjung Pinang has a lot of unique food and beverage that is very thick with Malay culture. But food in Tanjung Pinang also there is a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and also Arab. What foods and drinks can inspire your taste?

1. Otak otak

Otak otak is a very typical food with the city of Tanjung Pinang. When you travel and visit the place of hawker or harbor there will be people selling this Otak otak.
This food is made from fish meat in puree then given spices. Usually the brain of the brain is known to use Mackerel Sari Fish. However, here the brain of not only the juice of mackerel fish but also made from cuttle fish. But tetep delicious and delicious on the tongue.

2. Ikan Asam Pedas

For those of you who love seafood. You can enjoy this one culinary namely Spicy Acid Fish. From the name alone it looks good. Especially when eating it would make you addicted.
Its distinctive aroma with thick reddish sauce will really arouse your appetite to eat it. The spicy taste is also a combination of white pepper, chili and ginger which will shake your tongue.

3. Sup Ikan

The most famous soup in Tanjung Pinang is mackerel fish soup. Because it contains egg white in it and added with a mixture like star fruit and green tomatoes makes this soup more fresh and tasty.

4. Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak merupakan makanan khas melayu. Biasanya nasi lemak disajikan dengan ikan bilis, kacang, telur rebus serta sambal belacan dan juga irisan mentimun sebagai pelengkap. Di Tanjung Pinang tempat nasi lemak yang terkenal adalah di kawasan kawal.

5. Mie Lendir

When you first see this dish you will probably feel disgusted before you know it. Or it could be kalin will be curious. This noodle is made of sago that is so thick that it resembles mucus. Usually served with peanut sauce, similar but not the same as satay seasoning. This menu is usually always served in the morning.

6. Gonggong

This one animal is the most famous animal in Tanjung Pinang and is the food of Riau Islands people’s pride. Even in saying that this type of shell is only in the waters around the riau archipelago only.
How to eat barks is to use a toothpick to gouge the meat that is in the shell. Usually this bark is served with chilli or soy sauce with vinegar.

7. Roti Prata

In the restaurant of Tanjung Pinang usually always serve this food. Roti Prata is a special food with Tanjung Pinang. Usually served with a delicious curry sauce. There are two types of Roti prata namely empty prata bread and bread prata isi. The contents usually contain with beef or chicken meat. And eaten with gravy with soy sauce or vinegar.

8. Bak kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh has the meaning of tea bone meat. Bak Kut itself is pork ribs while tea is a chocolate-like sauce like tea. The lentils are made from pork broth which is provided with spices such as garlic and also very strong pepper.

9. Teh Obeng

Tea screwdriver is actually just a sweet tea that is given ice, or arguably ordinary ice tea. Formerly his name was actually Apeng tea. Ie the smoke is ice. But in the end the tongue of the local people to replace it with the word beng and be a screwdriver tea.

10. Teh Tarik

You are definitely familiar with this one tea. Tea mixed with milk is indeed a lot of lovers. There is even a foam that adorns the tea from pouring tea from one glass to another glass. This tensile tea is usually the most delicious when served with nasi lemak or roti prata.

There he is some typical culinary Tanjung Pinang that is a pity for you to miss. Each food has a distinctive taste, but not far from typical Malay cuisine which is a tribe of people Tanjung Pinang.

Driving while enjoying his typical meal is a pleasure. It even brings a very unique and fun impression. You can also wrap it to be brought to the house in made souvenirs typical of Tanjung Pinang.

In addition you can also buy souvenirs from the work of the people of Tanjung Pinang. For example like woven or batik typical of Tanjung Pinang. And some other souvenirs made by the people of Tanjung Pinang.

Traveling here is very fun and you can make a compulsory destination when you want to travel. Because here is a beautiful place and enter the category of Paradise Indonesia. In addition to the beach, and its stunning natural attractions culinary delicious and delicious to make you addicted.

After it’s done if you want to stay overnight you can stay at the resorts that are available in Tanjung Pinang. Starting from the Resort is quite simple to the most luxurious.

When you experience saturation and feeling at home you can try to travel to Tanjung Pinang that presents the stunning beauty of the beach. Swimming around the beach in Tanjung Pinang will add pleasure to the heart.
So many beaches offer beauty for those of you who want to visit.

For you Indonesian people will certainly not sanction the beauty of nature in Indonesia, no. If you want to know Tanjung Pinang is almost like in Bunaken, Raja Ampat, or beaches in Lombok and Bali. But the difference here is still quite natural and not much touched people and its management is still not maximal.

So let’s enjoy the beauty of the beach in every area of ​​Tanjung Pinang. Do not hesitate to tour snorkeling in its stunning beach area. You are right in suguhkan various natural scenery and the beaches are esksotis.

Do not wait later, during a long holiday and have a good buget you do not need to hesitate to visit various Tanjung Pinang tours. Sure you will be amazed and fascinated by the beautiful nature of Tanjung Pinang the exotic.

It will even keep you in mind when you come home from Tanjung Pinang. Or maybe you will be addicted to return here again, the place of paradise Indonesia other than Raja Ampat. Although not as popular as Raja Ampat, places in Tanjung Pinang no less far from Raja Ampat. Both have exotic exotic beaches, mountains and beautiful islands. Make you feel at home to stay linger here.

How interesting is not it? Interested in coming here? And know more about an island that is almost like heaven? What are you waiting for. Come on goodbye for the weekend with family and friends. Do not forget to bring supplies on the way.

They said some places still have no adequate facilities to stay and to eat when the stomach is hungry. You will truly be the coolest traveler after a vacation or even a walk in Tanjung Pinang which is known as Asia’s tropical paradise. And you can tell stories and invite relatives to return to vacation there. Congratulations on a weekend. Have a nice weekend with friends.

So what are you waiting for? When the holiday arrives come to Tanjung Pinang Riau Islands. Sure your tour will be more exciting and cool. And do not forget to take photos or exciting moments when traveling. Have a nice holiday you guys.


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