Enjoying the Beautiful Sea of Tosca Green On Dedap Island

Pulau Abang
Pulau Abang
Pulau Abang

Enjoying the Beautiful Sea of Tosca Green On Dedap Island

WA : 081210999347, Wisata Pulau Abang Pulau Dedap Pantai Dedap Batam Kepri

Holiday season has arrived, what is the plan that will be done to spend vacation time? Yaps definitely travel to enjoy nature. Traveling is usually definitely the main destination when the holidays are here. Sometimes we still think, where is the holiday that make fun.

Almost every place for a vacation has its own beauty. However, sometimes also feel bored if only on vacation to that place-that’s all. And usually also wonder about where the hell, which is fun for the holidays, in addition to the usual place to visit.

WA : 081210999347, Wisata Pulau Abang Pulau Dedap Pantai Dedap Batam Kepri

It is known, that our country Indonesia has a lot of extraordinary natural beauty. And there are so many thousands of islands you may not have visited yet that you have not heard them. For example, Dedap Island.

For some people may Dedap Island is still very strange in the ear. However, for the traveler may still have heard the name of this one island, especially the citizens of Batam.

Well, Dedap Island is indeed located in the city of Batam. Where the city of Batam is already famous for the beauty of the tour is fascinating, with the number of small islands both inhabited and uninhabited. And Dedap Island is one of them.

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Dedap Island is one of a small island cluster located around Abang Island, Batam. Dedap Island is one of the destination spots if you are visiting Abang Island. Most tourists come here, curious about the color of its unique seawater. Namely, the color of sea water is graded between blue, black and green tosca. So that makes the tourists curious and wondering, why sea water can have such a unique color?

The uniqueness and beauty of Dedap Island, not only from the sea. But the stretch of white sand that stretches also has its own beauty. What makes it interesting from white sand on Dedap Island is, because it is so extent that the stretch of white sand is still visible up to several meters away from the sea surface.

Known Dedap Island is the best beach owned by Abang Island, if you have been to Trikora beach, then you will be able to describe more or less like the beach. The only thing that makes this beach more unique again is that this beach is clean naturally without anyone taking care like in other beaches.

Around the beach is also much overgrown with coconut trees lined up in a neat and beautiful, and it happens naturally. Not only the tree, some wild coconut trees are also adorned on the back of the beach. And also around the stretch of white sand there are also some lush trees, so it can be a place to shelter and relax, while enjoying the freshness of young coconut water.

WA : 081210999347, Wisata Pulau Abang Pulau Dedap Pantai Dedap Batam Kepri

Not only that, this beach facility also provides mini gazebo for you who want to relax more with family or friends.

However, the main purpose of the tourists here is snorkeling. Clear sea water, as well as the bottom of the sea that has a lot of various coral reefs and other marine biota, making this place used as a spot for the traveler to snorkel.

In addition to being more fun in this island is, a sense of security when diving or snorkeling to enjoy the underwater scenery. Because, diving on the island is not in the ocean off, so it is safe to dive. Since it is not on the high seas, even though wearing a buoy like anything will not worry to drown. However, tenti course still be with the supervision of the guide or tour guide.

Most important in snorkeling is the documentation, taking a lot of moments of menark while under the sea. Wow! Fun is not it? Moreover, here are a lot of beautiful coral reefs and also sea fish are small and beautiful, even some pretty beautiful fish to take pictures. Wush! Fun is not it? Just membanyangkannya, already feel fun and exciting especially if you’ve been to it, would be more satisfying.

In addition to snorkeling, there are many more beach activities that can be done on this island. For example, you can do fishing activities. Even fishing here feels more exciting and fun, because also treated to ole natural scenery that exotic and riveting. Play sand castles, beach volleyball and much more you can do on this Dedap Island.

Doing a free activity that is rarely done on weekdays, making you who had been saturated into fress and fun. But definitely when you will travel far enough, do not forget to bring supplies of food and beverages. Or can also bring a snack. Because of its bias on this remote island, it is still very rare for food and beverage sellers. However, besides bringing food alone, you can save too much money.

This island, also including the island’s most visited first time visit Abang Island. Because this island is the best island among other small islands around the island abang. However, that does not mean the other islands are ugly, still as amazing and have their own beauty.

To get there, usually the tourists will rent a speedboat or pompong available on the island Abang. If you already follow the tour packages that have been many on the internet. Usually you do not need to bother looking for or rent a speedboat by yourself. All have been provided by the tour services you ordered.

The most important thing, when traveling is, do not litter or littering. So that the sights you visit are kept clean. And to save costs you can take the promo tour packages that are widely available on the internet. Even you also need not be confused to find the location.

Well for you who like to dive or snorkel, then Dedap Island is the best recommendation for you. Especially if you have never been to such amazing places as Pulau Dedap. Then there will be a new and exciting experience for you who want to take a vacation.

Sure you are not and disappointed after a vacation to Dedap Island. The journey is also very exciting and not saturate. All day to this island will give your own pleasure in your mind.

So no need to be confused again, yuk travel to the island Dedap. Feel the freshness of the sea water and soft white sand that stretches. And feel the incredible freedom of nature. Do not forget the souvenir ya? Hehehe. For those of you who start on vacation, happy holiday and enjoy the beauty.

Hopefully this article can be an input for you who want to vacation but confused where to go. Happy holiday and weekend guys.

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