Fame Hotel Batam Cheap Classy Luxury Hotel in Batu Aji, Kepri

Fame Hotel Batam Hotel Mewah Berkelas Murah di Batu Aji

Fame Hotel Batam Cheap Classy Luxury Hotel in Batu Aji, Kepri

Fame Hotel is one of the hotels we recommend to you. If you want to stay around Batu Aji then you can stop by and stay at this Fame Hotel.

Batam is one of the cities that many tourists visit. This is supported by data stating that Batam is the 3rd most visited city besides Bali and Jakarta. Of course, with the large number of tourists coming to Batam, the growth of hotels in Batam is also increasing rapidly.

This Fame hotel is located at: Putri Hijau Complex, Jalan. Letj.Jend.R.Soeprapto, Batu Aji, Batam, Indonesia, 29235. Fame Hotel provides 142 Rooms, with 6 Room Types. This hotel is III +. Surely you know for yourself how the Quality of this Hotel is not, you can enjoy a luxurious Hotel Room plus the price is also friendly with super quality.

Room rates at Fame Hotel vary depending on room type. Like the Superior Room, the price is around 350 thousand. If the promo then the room can be 275,000 per night. Furthermore there is also a Deluxe Room with a price of around 400,000. Executive Deluxe 420 thousands.

Well, there is also for this family that has a capacity of 4 people or you can use it for Private Meeting, namely the Suite Room with a price of 800 K. Or you want to be alone with okay facilities you can rent a Junior Suite room for 700 thousand.

For a meeting, how come, you don’t worry. At the Fame Hotel you can rent a meeting room which can accommodate around 300 people at a price of around 6 million per 4 hours. Or if you need a small capacity you can rent a meeting room with a capacity of 150 people with around 3 million / 4 hours.

Stay here, you will be facilitated like a king. At affordable prices. If night falls you can go up to the 4th floor to enjoy the night view while chewing and listening to songs that bring you such a comfortable atmosphere. Of course you will want to return to this Hotel with all the comfort provided.

Hotel Fame Batam: Strategic location and close to Batam City Icon

One of the reasons why Batam Hotel Fame was established in Batu Aji was due to its strategic location with several shipyards and also shopping places like Giant, Hypermart and others. The ease of reaching the Batam City Icon is also made easy because the location is not far from tourist sites such as Vietnam Village, Mega Park and Barelang Bridge.

Attractive Design and Delicious Menu as an attraction of Batam Fame Hotel

Fame Hotel

Attractive design with reference to 70s, 80s

This Batam Fame hotel has an attractive design, that is, each floor that uses year reference that is different, there is an 80’s design, there is a design in the 70’s and others.

Hotels with typical Italian menus

And also one of the highlights of this hotel is the menu menu that provides typical Italian-style food such as steak, pasta and also Heaven and Hell Pizza. With affordable prices, it is not comparable to the service we will get, because we will be served like a king.

Hotel with 142 rooms and five meeting rooms

With a total of 142 rooms in Hotel Fame Batam consisting of 6 types, Superior, Deluxe, Executive Deluxe, Executive, Junior Suite and Suite. Make this Batam Hotel Fame as one of the reference luxury hotels for tourists who want to stay in Batam.

You want to meet here, this Fame Hotel has five meeting rooms that make it easier for us to adjust how many participants are meeting.

Popcorn Resto and Walk of Fame as restaurants that must be visited

Then the restaurant has a delicious menu, Popcorn Resto Restaurant and Walk of Fame (WOF). If we are tired, we can also try the in room massage provided by this Hotel.

Popcorn Resto is still in the number of Fame Hotels too, with a capacity of nearly 200 people. Interesting atmosphere with typical 1970s and 1980s.

And also the menu menu that is presented varies greatly from the Indonesian menu and also the menu outside Indonesia.

This dish is made with a high creative level according to Team Visit Kepri and also that which is no less interesting is sold at a price that can be reached by the wallet.

“With a blend of different tastes in one package that is sweet and spicy, to stir the Walk of Fame (WOF) at Batam’s Fame Skybar Hotel.”

A place with a roof top and beautiful scenery accompanied by serene music to accompany the visitors.

But no need to be confused when the Walk of Fame is full, young people can still enjoy it at Popcorn Resto.

Like a place that offers an amazing menu and interior design.

Do not forget also free WIFI is also provided so that it is expected to spoil the visitors.

Who knows who wants to relax for 24 hours (because they never close).


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