GIPI collaboration of KEPRI and Telkomsel DPD – GIPI Riau Islands

GIPI collaboration of KEPRI and Telkomsel DPD - GIPI Riau Islands

GIPI collaboration of KEPRI and Telkomsel DPD – GIPI Riau Islands

The Riau Tourism DPD Association (GIPI) of the Riau Islands Regional Council was inaugurated by GIPI Central Chairperson Mr. Didien Junaedy and confirmed by the Governor of Riau Islands Mr. H Nurdin Basirun October 12, 2018 ago at Nagoya Harmoni Hotel Batam, immediately stepping on the gas work. Along with the inauguration at that time also signed the MOU between the Riau Islands DPD GIPI represented by Mr. Tupa Simanjuntak with Mr. Agus Pramono as the Branch Manager of Batam Telkomsel.

What are the leaks on the Riau Islands DPD GIPI homework for the period 2018 – 2023? One of them is to establish collaboration between the Tourism industry and the Regional Government to create the welfare of the tourism community.

The Riau Islands DPD GIPI Mission is:

1. Increasing foreign tourist visits to the Riau Islands
2. Improve the quality of tourism human resources (HR)
3. Develop tourist destinations in the Riau Islands

In connection with the MOU with Telkomsel, a super neat collaboration was designed in which to improve services, facilities for foreign tourists who came to Riau Islands and marketing tourism.

Along with that Telkomsel will also launch its newest product, namely: “Tourist Wonderful Indonesia Sympathy” or coolly called a Tourist Card. The presence of tourist cards will greatly provide services for tourists using the internet, where tourists arriving at the Riau Islands can enjoy the benefits of tourist cards with super cheap rates by getting 4GB of Quota usage, 200 minutes of calls abroad and 200 Free SMS.

In addition to the tourist card, Telkomsel along with GIPI DPD Riau Islands will also promote the Cash Less payment system, namely T Cash for use in the tourism industry in the Riau Islands such as souvenir shops, hotel outlets to all members of Tourism Personnel that are under the auspices of GIPI Riau Islands DPD.

The presence of T Cash is actually very useful today, where many payment transactions use the Cash Less concept. In addition to avoiding payment transactions from counterfeiting money, T Cash also provides various benefits for users in the form of price discounts and cash back as well as merchants who will get free promotion facilities from Telkomsel.

In the near future to improve services for tourists who come to Batam, GIPI DPD Riau Islands and Telkomsel will also provide a Tourist Information Center (TIC) at the entrances of tourists to Batam. For the start, TIC will be provided at the Batam Center Ferry Terminal and at Batam Carnival Market.

The presence of TIC will greatly help tourists in obtaining information about tourism in the Riau Islands as well as making promotional displays from tourism industries such as Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Destinations and Souvenir Shops.

Tupa hopes that Telkomsel’s collaboration to increase foreign tourist visits will be followed by other companies that have a vision to build Tourism in the Riau Islands.

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