GIPI Invite Investment Tourism Businessmen at Cross-border – GIPI Riau Islands

GIPI Invite Investment Tourism Businessmen at Cross-border - GIPI Riau Islands

GIPI Invite Investment Tourism Businessmen at Cross-border – GIPI Riau Islands

The GIPI Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) as the forum for all associations and organizations engaged in the tourism sector began to invite business people to invest heavily in the cross-border region.

The front page of Indonesia is considered to have many advantages, both in terms of nature, culture, and geography. Looking ahead, the Ministry of Religion led by Minister Dr. Ir Arief Yahya MSc will hold more events in border areas, such as Atambua, Aruk, Entikong, Merauke, Jayapura and others.

“Everywhere, cross-border can be a machine for attracting foreign tourists. In France, Spain and many European countries have taken this method, raising foreign tourists from the cross-border. They are one and two warnings in Europe! “The mainstay, cross-border,” explained GIPI Chairman Didien Djunaedy, Friday (1/13).

GIPI Invite Investment Tourism Businessmen at Cross-border - GIPI Riau Islands
GIPI Invite Investment Tourism Businessmen at Cross-border – GIPI Riau Islands

Didien Junaedy
At present, the life of activities on the border is music or shows, plus festivals such as culinary, arts, and others. And in 2016 ago, Ministry of Tourism has proven the awesomeness of the cross-border tourism program in the border region. From Riau Islands, Batam, Bintan, Entikong, Aruk, Sambas, Atambua, Dili, PNG Papua, all of them were attacked by tens of thousands of people.

The event that was nothing success was transformed into an extraordinary agenda. The border is no longer deserted. No longer considered a suburb. But it actually became the leading region in the country.

“So cross-border tourism programs are very likely to be positioned as favorite holiday destinations in the border region. For domestic and foreign tourists around Kepri, Batam, Bintan, Entikong, Aruk, Sambas, Atambua, Dili, PNG Papua, they must see this as a very attractive option, “he said.

Incidentally, the face of Indonesia’s border region has now been used up. His face already looks beautiful. The Cross Border Post, which was similar to the Siskamling post, has now transformed into a luxury building like a five-star hotel. Local and modern architecture are combined into one unit that has high end taste.

Road conditions? It’s smooth paved. The quality is equivalent to Cipali Toll on Java. Electricity already exists. The telephone signal is no longer the provider of the neighboring country. All are Indonesian providers.

Later, President Jokowi was keen to build the outermost areas, disadvantaged areas, and border areas. Just look at the activity on last October 19, 2016. The number one person inaugurated the Miangas Airport, and reviewed Miangas Island which has an area of ​​3.2 square kilometers and only has a population of 800 people.

In December 2016, President Jokowi also inaugurated the Entikong Cross-border Post, West Kalimantan which borders Malaysia. In the same month, the Motaain Integrated National Budget in Belu District, NTT, which borders the country of Timor Leste, was also inaugurated.

And around the two Cross Border Posts, a large and good market will be built. The aim is to develop economic activities, not to choose shopping in neighboring countries.

Along with infrastructure development, Kemenpar has more ‘crazy’ ideas. Bringing citizens of Malaysia, Timor Leste and Papua close to the border region to move their economy, with tourism.

The result? Extraordinary. In Sambas, West Kalimantan, the Wonderful Cross Border Festival Indonesia on September 17, 2016 successfully brought 1,105 foreign border crossers. While on the next day, September 18, 2016, the number rose again to 2,227 Malaysians who watched the festival. That’s just the tourists. Not including tourists.

In Atambua it’s the same. Around 20,000 people were at the Square when the Atambua Cross-border Festival was held on the Indonesia-Timor Leste border. Papua is not much different. There are tens of thousands of people who come to watch the Cross-border Festival there.

Because of the excitement, the region bordering Papua New Guinea is said to be transforming into an area that is not much different from Las Vegas in the United States. Initially vacant land, but then successfully developed into a luxury tourism area. “The cross-border festival proved successful and brought in foreign tourists. Economy moves.

Hotels, car rentals, restaurants, are getting excited. The president has supported. The pendant is also tuned in. What’s less? For business people this is very interesting. Build amenities such as hotels, resorts or accommodations, then make attractions such as theme parks, performing arts, and others, “said the man who used to wear a hat.

In 2017, the consistency of the Cross-border Festival will continue. During this time handled by Foreign Marketing Development Deputy, I Gede Pitana through Asdep Rizki Handayani Mustafa for the ASEAN region, and Vincent Jemadu for Asia Pacific, then in 2017 the program will be continued by the Archipelago Marketing Development Deputy.

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