GIPI Riau Islands DPD Exceeds 3.5 Billion

GIPI Riau Islands DPD Exceeds 3.5 Billion

GIPI Riau Islands DPD Exceeds 3.5 Billion

In the context of “Borobudur Priority Destination Sales Mission in 6 Cities” which took place at Nagoya Hill Hotel Batam. The city of Batam is the 5th city visited in this event program organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Yogyakarta Special Region Tourism Office while also bringing Sellers from Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

From the target of the participation of Batam Buyers who were 50 participants, in this event GIPI DPD Riau Islands managed to penetrate with 70 participants Buyers means the most participation among the other 5 cities.

In less than 2 hours, all travel groups in Riau Islands managed to make transactions of Rp. 3,516,000,000, – which means it is in the 2nd National Rangkin under the city of Makassar in the amount of Rp. 4,800,000,000, –

However, we appreciate this result, considering that the population in Batam alone is only about 1.2 million compared to the city of Makassar which reaches 5 million people. Furthermore, the Borobudur Selling Team will continue its mission to the city of Bandung.

Events like this are very effective for increasing tourist visits to the region, in the near future GIPI Riau Islands Regional Representative Council will also hold similar events in various cities in Indonesia which contribute a lot to the Riau Islands.

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