Gress’s New Menu from D’Penyetz – D’Bakso

Gress’s New Menu from D’Penyetz – D’Bakso

Menu Baru Gress dari D'Penyetz - D'Bakso

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D’PENYETZ on July 2, 2018 ago on Monday, managed to give the latest nuance from the menu D’meatball.

Some variations of meatballs that can be enjoyed by guests D’Penyetz, which is like:

  1. Chilli Rice Bakso contains Chilli Meatballs,
  2. Chicken Rawit meatball contains small meatballs,
  3. Chicken Rice Balloon contains Meatball Mie,
  4. Rawit Chilli Meatballs contains Meatballs Mihun,
  5. Bakso Chilli Rawit contains Vegetable Meatballs,
  6. Smooth Meatballs with Small Meatballs,
  7. Jumbo egg meatballs contain egg meatballs.

Continuous innovation makes Chef of D’Penyetz also develops Bakso Kombo Komplit which is accompanied by Bakso Tahu Goreng.

Development is not just stopped there, for you who like cheese. Pleasure from cheese, you can also get from processed D’Bakso. When you bite the meatball that contains cheese.

If you’re interested in trying from D’Bakso’s latest menu from D’Penyetz, you can visit our outlet, at Nagoya’s Nagoya Penyetz.

For D’Penyetz outlet at BCS Mall, Mega Mall, and also Bengkong Ratu, will be launched soon.

The opening hours information from D’Penyetz is from 10:00 to 22:00 hours.

Interviewees :

Area Manager D’Penyetz: Mr. Janry Sitohang.

Source: Media written by Reni Hikmalia

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