Hashtag #BataMiliKita Batam Milik Kita

Hashtag #BataMiliKita Batam Milik Kita

Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi invited all components of society to jointly guard Batam. The invitation was conveyed through the moral movement of the #BataMiliKita (Batam Milik Kita).

“Batam consists of multi ethnicity, multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-profession, and other multi-ethnic groups. Then there must be a determination that states we must unite. Often when I speak, I ask, Whose Batam belongs to us, Batam’s answer is ours. All of us must be united, “said Rudi, Wednesday (3/10) in Batam Center.

logo batam milik kita #batamilikita
logo batam milik kita #batamilikita

The Mayor of Batam explained, Tagar #BataMiliKita can be applied in various aspects of life. In the field of hygiene, for example, through mutual cooperation activities, the movement does not dispose of garbage on the road, each vehicle has a garbage bin so that it does not throw into the road.

In terms of urban planning, #BataMiliKita can also be applied through awareness not to make buildings above drainage, not to damage parks that have been made, not sticking or nailing advertisements on tree trunks, maintaining public facilities, and not carrying out vandalism.

“Parking in its place, not using pedestrian for activities other than pedestrians, can also be included in the #BataMiliKita moral movement,” he said.

Rudi added, the essence of this moral movement is to invite the people of Batam to foster a sense of ownership of the city of Batam. Both done alone or remind each other.

“Batam is a pluralistic society, originating from various regions with diverse cultures. We must uphold local cultural customs, but that does not mean that other cultures are left alone. All are held together regularly, “he said.

He hopes that this moral movement can touch the entire community. If necessary, it will be announced specifically by the Mayor. So that in the end in the whole community, a sense of belonging and willingness to protect Batam grows from all negative things. Batam is also expected to be a city that is more comfortable for residents to live in and visited by tourists.

“We will plan it, #BataMiliKita. Let’s spread this spirit. I am sure that someday Batam will be great, “said Rudi


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