How to Make Your Brand Found on Instagram Explore

How to Make Your Brand Found on Instagram Explore

How to Make Your Brand Found on Instagram Explore

What is Instagram Explore?

How to Make Your Brand Found on Instagram Explore
How to Make Your Brand Found on Instagram Explore

On the Instagram explore page you will find lots of photos / posts from Instagram users in general. The photos that appear on your explore instragram are based on your previous actions and patterns of engagement. It is seen from likes, comments, also what accounts you normally see. To access the Explore page, open Instagram and click the magnifying glass icon between the home icon and the add post.

Instagram Explore also includes Stories from Instagram accounts that you find interesting, Location Stories from the geographical area closest to you, and the top live video available at that time. Now that you have a better understanding of Instagram Explore, maybe you want to know how to make your business content appear there.

How is content selected for the Explore page?

Data is important when discussing the type of content that appears in the Explore tab of each user. Instagram aims to adjust content for every single user, choosing posts based on factors such as likes and accounts that users have followed. Although it is not known exactly how content is chosen, algorithms may like the following:

Content is similar to what the previous user has involved

  1. High involvement content
  2. The content of the account is similar to the account that the user has followed
  3. Over time, Instagram recognizes patterns that involve each user, and shows content based on this formula.
  4. Instagram also saw how similar accounts behaved on the site, and made assumptions based on that.

4 Ways to Make Your Brand Content on Instagram Explore

Get to know your audience

You won’t try to sell work bags to babies? To sell products and connect with customers, you must know who your audience is, what they need and how business can help. To start your Instagram Explore strategy, think about the following questions:

Who is your target audience?

  1. What things interest them?
  2. What is their own Instagram account?
  3. Who do they follow?

Think of the Instagram Explore page you want to show the most. What kind of things will be liked? A good idea is to create a persona for individuals. Once you know your target audience, you can find and know them better.

Listen carefully

Hearing can make the difference between your content ignored or shared. You need to pay attention to the audience and content they like to customize your content with them. If you have followed an account that is relevant to the industry and target audience, then your own Explore page will provide insight into what you need to do. Some general tips for doing this are:

“Listen to” the general feel of your own Explore page. What themes appear? What is dominant aesthetics? What does your community like? These are all things to remember.
Use the Search feature to see what types of content are popular in your location. Click ‘Places’ and then the most accurate geographic tag and note the type of content that appears.

Use hashtag

Hashtags are the number one way to find your content and keep your Instagram images from losing easily with lots of competition. They let the content you work on be easily found by those who search. Hashtags basically help the target audience come to you, making your work easier. However, it is important for you to know the right and wrong ways to use hashtags on Instagram and ensure the best chance of success. Tips on using the hashtag are:

More specific when using a hashtag

  1. Do it with relevant and non-confusing hashtags
  2. Don’t be too old-fashioned or too complicated
  3. Don’t have more hashtags than words
  4. Don’t use hashtags for overall content
  5. Encourage involvement and ability to be found

Increase the chance of the target audience to find your content by doing everything you can to increase engagement. The more likes and comments your Instagram post has, the more likely it is to appear on the Explore page of the target audience.

When you post photos or videos, think about how you can get a bigger account with more followers who like or comment.

For example, if your interior design brand shares photos of the workplace, mark all the companies and products that you use to achieve them. You can also mark Instagram accounts of interior design magazines or relevant lifestyle bloggers.

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