Lantern Park Lagoi Bay Educational Tourism in Lagoi Bay Bintan

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Lantern Park Lagoi Bay Educational Tourism in Lagoi Bay Bintan

Kepri Tourism Promotion, Lagoi Bay Bintan has a new vehicle, namely Lantern Park. A vehicle located on the shore of Lagoi Bay with the theme “Underwater World”.

If all this time Lagoi Bay, which has become more famous as a Bintan tourist destination, can only be enjoyed during the day, now tourists can get to the night there.

Because, now there are cool places to walk at night. The Lantern Garden began operating (soft opening) last December 2016. View of Lagoi Bay Lantern Park at Night is amazing.

Its name is the Lantern Garden or Taman Lentera which is not far from the beautiful Lagoi beach and Plaza Lagoi. The area of this park is around 4,000 square meters. Lagoi Bay Lantern Park was established on an area of ​​4000 m2 with a 300 m track length that will spoil the eyes of visitors with 21 colorful replicas of animals that are colorful and light at night.

This park not only presents tourist destinations for sightseeing, but at the same time a vehicle for learning about the underwater world and a number of rare animals protected by the country.

How was the thrill of being inside the Lantern Garden full of large shapes in the form of marine life and rare animals in colorful lights?

Here, visitors can see a variety of marine species and also types of endangered land animals such as one-horned rhinos, dragons, Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tigers and orangutans.

Bright time is also very suitable for visitors who want to learn from a science board available in each animal.

By reaching into the minimum amount of our wallet, guests can enjoy the beauty of this park.

Lagoi Bay Lantern Park will operate on weekdays at 5pm to 10pm and weekends and other holidays from 2pm to 11pm.

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