Linkedin Premium, Tricks to Increase New Leads!

Linkedin Premium, Tricks to Increase New Leads!

Linkedin Premium, Tricks to Increase New Leads!

Linkedin Premium, Tricks to Increase New Leads!
Linkedin Premium, Tricks to Increase New Leads!

Have you ever thought about LinkedIn’s premum account? What’s the difference with a free account? Premium accounts are actually a great way to generate new leads for a small fee. Why? Because it’s a good idea to stay ahead of competition when it comes to the location of new leads. So this is very important for sales and income.

After identifying the target and forming a lead generation timeline based on your resources, you will be ready to take it to the next level. Most people are forced to increase their bottom line in order to generate leads regardless of what type of business they have. LinkedIn has become a lead generation tool and is more effective than other sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Along with its function as a professional network, LinkedIn is a platform for generating leads and you may need to consider LinkedIn’s premium account to get many benefits. Here are tips on how to use LinkedIn premium accounts to increase new leads for your business.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

The upgraded membership feature on LinkedIn is called a premium account with five choices of features that you can choose. You can use one for professional business, one for recruitment, or one for job seekers. There are also options for sales professionals and options for talent seekers. Lead generation will make it more reasonable under business or sales categories.

You will have a different membership category that can be chosen for different upgrade levels depending on how much access is needed for the various features offered. After determining how much access you need, right then you will see the features of LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Premium Features

When registering a premium account you will get a much more complete feature. You can do more detailed searches such as finding a small business that has an interest / interest in what you sell. Everyone has access to email, but free accounts have limited access. With a premium account you can send messages to anyone who is not limited to your contacts.

Another great feature is that you can see who sees your profile and you can see the complete profile of who is on your network. In addition, you can also see people who see your profile in the last 3 months and find out what keywords people use to find when they find your profile.

Finally, you can save certain searches, receive notifications for your search every week or month, this will help you from wasting time on unclear search results.

How to generate leads

How do you use a premium account to generate more leads? For starters, you can build a list of your search targets. Look for company size, interests, groups, when they join, seniority levels, and more. You can also narrow your leads.

Arrange alerts for new leads to remind your search and send new weekly member notifications that are part of the network that you have searched for before. This saves 7 searches and more than 500 view profiles displayed in the search list, very good for including new leads in your potential leads.

Searching for more leads on the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” page is only available to members. Check the “Views by Industry” section to highlight the top industries that consist of people who see your profile. In some cases, you may find that people who come from your industry don’t sell to be an untapped market, so you have to start looking.

Reach directly to leads in your list through the InMail feature. They can convert from leads to sales. You will have an easier time to reach direct prospects and generate sales for products or services with this premium feature.

If you haven’t tried using LinkedIn premium accounts to make new leads, this is the perfect way to increase your leads in a cost-effective way.

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