Mapur Island Exotic Tourism Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Mapur Island Exotic Tourism Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Vacationing to an deserted island is one that can be done to release boredom. Riau Islands (KEPRI) is one of the provinces in Indonesia. Lots of islands with exotic beaches in Riau Islands Province, this. Starting from the island of the big island to the island with a small size. Starting from the island with a large population of people to an empty island without a resident.

Mapur Island is one of the islands in the Riau Islands Province, precisely located in the Bintan Pesisir District, Bintan Regency. Approximately approximately 23 km from the city of Tanjung Pinang on Bintan Island regency, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia (KEPRI).

Administratively Mapur Island is located in the Mapur Village area which has a land area estimated at around 44 Km2, while the sea area is approximately 442 Km2. Based on population data of Mapur Village, there are 13 islands which are administrative parts of Mapur Village, eleven islands are still empty or not inhabited, such as: water island, jeraha island, gego island, bayan island, putang island, busung dallas island, tebung island, melun island , Sentut Island, Larang Island, Ledang Island, and two inhabited islands including Merapas Island and Mapur Island.

Mapur Island with its island around it keeps a myriad of beautiful natural scenery. Along the coast of the island of Mapur we will be presented with a cluster of solid rocks and a clean beach. The beauty of the beach in Mapur Island is as beautiful as other beaches. Beach sand that is so soft and clean environment makes visitors interested in coming to the beach to rest or relax.

The beautiful underwater panorama around Mapur Island has long attracted tourists’ attention, especially for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Not surprisingly, at certain times, Mapur waters and its surroundings are visited by foreign tourists. Foreign tourists from resort resorts in trikora area Bintan Island are often offered diving, snorkeling or fishing tour packages around the waters of Mapur Island,

Around the 90s alone in Mapur Island accommodation facilities are available, namely a resort called Batuta Resort, which is managed by investors from Singapore to be a place that is often visited by tourists. Batuta Resort is like a little paradise. It’s not big, it’s very simple to build a kelong-style architecture, but unfortunately because of unknown reasons, the resort is no longer operating.

According to the people there Mapur island is inhabited since more or less In 1960 there were initially only two houses in the beginning and until now there are 240 families living in the majority are fishermen. The dynamic, harmonious and harmonious life of the local community is so warm. the smile of a child who played marbles and also the father who was busy preparing “bubu” (a tool to catch fish). A simple house under a coconut tree waving was as if welcoming us on Mapur Island

For outsiders who want to get to know Mapur Island, they can use public transportation provided by Pantai Indah Port Barek Kijang Motor Bintan Island, KM. The beautiful sailing boat takes about two hours to get from Pantai Indah Barek Kijang Motor to Mapur Island.

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