Ministry of Tourism Asks KUR to Develop More Tourism Sector – GIPI Riau Islands

Ministry of Tourism Asks KUR to Develop More Tourism Sector – GIPI Riau Islands


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya wants people’s business credit (KUR) to be more developed in the tourism industry because it is still poorly absorbed by the public. Based on data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) the distribution of people’s business loans (KUR) to the tourism industry sector is still relatively small at 3%.

“Therefore I ask that tourism KUR be developed so that it is widely known among tourism industry players,” he said in a written statement on Friday (9/28).

According to Arief, there are three issues of financing needs needed to support the tourism sector, including financing needs to build 10 priority tourism destinations (DPP), Business Homestay financing needs (2018-2019), and financing needs for Tourism UMK Business (KUR Special Tourism).

“For homestays, it requires an investment of Rp. 2 trillion and a tourism MSE business (KUR for Tourism) of Rp. 25 trillion. This year there are 6.7 million micro and small business actors in the tourism sector, “said Arief.

Ministry of Tourism Asks KUR to Develop More Tourism Sector - GIPI Riau Islands

Ministry of Tourism Asks KUR to Develop More Tourism Sector – GIPI Riau Islands

This was conveyed by Arief in the Tourism Coordination Meeting III-2018 at the Raffles Hotel in Jakarta. Meanwhile on the same occasion, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution revealed that the tourism sector was increasingly relied on. He said tourism was one of the main pillars of the domestic economy.

According to him, the tourism sector is considered to have a considerable contribution in the country’s foreign exchange earnings, including in the creation of better employment opportunities and quality of the environment.

“Tourism has an important role in our macro economy. Not only donating foreign exchange, but also creating employment opportunities. Tourism is also a transformation tool for managing social, culture and environment. The quality of the environment is getting better, “Darmin said.

Darmin also explained that it had established a credit scheme or financing the tourism sector with low interest rates. This scheme is 7% through the People’s Business Credit (KUR) for the tourism sector.

“With the existence of the KUR Tourism scheme, it can encourage the optimization of the development of the tourism sector. Especially in 10 Priority Tourism Destinations and 88 National Tourism Strategic Areas, “Darmin said.

He explained that KUR interest is subsidized from the state budget so that it can be reduced to 7%. The subsidy prepared this year is IDR 11 trillion. “If the subsidy is IDR 11 trillion, the credit is IDR 120 trillion. We can channel Rp120 trillion for KUR, for small and micro more than enough funding, “he explained.

He explained, KUR’s performance until the first semester of 2018 recorded a positive achievement. From 2015 to June 30, 2018, the value of KUR that has been distributed is Rp277.4 trillion with an outstanding Rp130.8 trillion to 11.8 million MSME players.

“This achievement was followed by the maintenance of the KUR Non Performing Loan (NPL) level at the level of 1.06%. Currently, KUR distribution from January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018 is recorded at Rp. 64.6 trillion. Or 55.2% of the distribution target of Rp.117.08 trillion in 2018, “he concluded.

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