Mission of Borobudur – GIPI Priority Destination Sales in Riau Islands

Mission of Borobudur - GIPI Priority Destination Sales in Riau Islands

Mission of Borobudur – GIPI Priority Destination Sales in Riau Islands

The Ministry of Tourism seeks to attract pariwsata business people or buyers from Batam in the Borobudur Priority Destination Sales event in 6 cities. On that occasion, they presented several tourism in various cities in Indonesia.

One of the tourist icons in Indonesia shown in the presentation is the Borobudur Temple. According to the vice chairman of the business travel agency, transportation and tour guide and GIPI halal tourism services, Riau Islands DPD Lia Nazief, Borobudur is a Joglosemar tourism icon (Jogjakarta-Solo-Semarang), Bali is an Indonesian icon, so Batam is a Cross Border tourism icon.

“Therefore, it is correct to get foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. The most effective is to display the Borobudur icon. In this event which was held at Nagoya Hill Hotel Batam, there will be attended by 70 famous Buyers in the city of Batam.

The buyers were directed towards a choice of tourist trips starting from Borobudur, a UNESCO-registered Mahayana Buddhist temple built during the Sailendra dynasty as a powerful ruler in the 8th century.

The beauty and splendor of the Borobudur Temple need not be doubted. 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama has set foot in Borobudur. Likewise, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, actor Richard Gere, footballer David Beckham, and actor Charlie Chaplin.

“You can learn about the famous Borobudur pottery that was passed down from generation to generation in Klipoh Village. Can travel to Mendut and Pawon Temples. Can also interact with Buddhists on Java. Even visited the monastery near Mendut and those in the city of Yogyakarta.

“Who wants to find another color? There are still many highlights. The cool destination line is still long. Who likes heritage, can stop by the Royal Palace Jogjakarta.

Who likes shopping, can go to Malioboro. While those who want religious tourism hunting, can go to Prabha Buddhist Temple. In Semarang you can continue to Semarang’s Old City, Watugong, and Sam Po Kong Temple.

The choice of package is given, namely there is a 5-day tour package that can be included in the holiday itenarary.

First day, Jakarta – Yogyakarta. From the airport, they can go directly to the Royal Palace, enjoy a welcome lunch and worship at Prabha Buddhist Temple.

“After that, just check in the hotel. The package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with a vegetarian menu “.

The second day, you can immediately explore Mendut, Pawon and Borobudur temples. The activity is guaranteed to be exciting. In Borobudur, Thai people can take part in enjoying the sunrise. In Mendut, there is “Buddha Vairocana Throne” While in Pawon, there are Sleeping Buddha and Buddhist Monestary.

The third day, Borobudur-Semarang. “After checking out the hotel can make pottery in Klipoh Village. After that go to Semarang, and immediately check in the hotel.

Then the fourth day, immediately explore Semarang. The Watugong and Sam Po Kong temples that are there, which are believed to make Thais feel happy.

After that, on the fifth day, there is Blenduk Church, Kota Lama and Srigunting Park. “All will provide a lot of experience for tourists.

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