Nihi Sumba Island Chosen as the World’s Best Hotel

Nihi Sumba Island Chosen as the World's Best Hotel

Nihi Sumba Island Chosen as the World’s Best Hotel

JAKARTA – Get ready to stand applause! The Indonesian tourism industry has re-incised the gold ink of the world’s reputation. This time Nihi Sumba Island or previously known as Nihiwatu was re-elected as the world’s best hotel (World’s Best Awards) 2017 by Travel + Leisure magazine. Wow.

Announcement of victory as the world’s best hotel was received by Nihi Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) officially on Tuesday (11/7). From the 16th floor of the Sapta Pesona Building, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Minister Arief Yahya stood up, clapped and let go of a proud smile.

Hotels located in Hobawawi Village, Wanukaka, West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara should be appreciated. First, success acts as a function of amenity, an accommodation place that is artistic, natural, with authentic local wisdom.

Both hotels in this exotic region have also played functions as their own attractions. Resort that has been visited by tourists as a destination and raised the prestige of NTT and Wonderful Indonesia. “Third, they can, because that’s how it is!” Said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.

What is meant is, being a champion is no accident, not suddenly coming from the sky. It must be through a serious, serious, and special concept process. “I often mention, that the victory was planned!” Said the Minister of Tourism Arief who brings the Ministry of Tourism every year to become a champion customer at all levels in the world.

“This also shows the current tourism trend towards ecotourism that preserves local culture. I am proud that Nihi Sumba Island is a successful example of ecotourism that we are currently trying to implement in Indonesia, “said Minister of Tourism Arief.

About convenience, Nihi Sumba Island is indeed above average. There is a three-room villa in the form of a tree house. It’s on a cliff. View of the Indian Ocean can be seen very beautiful from that point. In addition, there are more than 33 villa accommodations with private pools and beautiful views of Nihi Beach.

The variety of activities is very much. From starting from the “safari spa” package all day to island exploration, all travelers can do while staying there. From starting trekking to several hidden waterfalls, beautiful rice fields, also local villages and village artists, guaranteed to be done. Who is looking for local food, can picnic lunch complete with a dinner of fresh coconuts that just fell from the tree.

In addition, in this region there is also the Occy’s Left, a private beach which is a famous surf spot among professional surfers. Surfing places away from the hustle and bustle of Canggu, Suluban, and other mainstream beaches in Bali.

Menpar Arief Yahya congratulated Nihi Sumba Island. The world’s best titles for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017 are considered to have a positive impact on increasing confidence in the competitiveness of Indonesian tourism at the global level.

“Awards like this will have an impact on (formula) 3C: confidence, credibility, calibration,” said Arief Yahya. Moreover, this victory is more due to readers of Travel + Leisure magazines around the world. All agree that Nihi Sumba Island is successful in preserving the environment (environment sustainability) and social care for the surrounding community.

Nihiwatu Managing Partner James McBride explained, Nihi Sumba Island was chosen as the world’s best hotel because Nihi became an active adventure destination and absolute luxury combined with harmonious elements along with local culture, in an exotic and authentic environment. “Hotel Nihi is not only a hotel, but also a lifestyle,” said James McBride.

With the resources and advantages of a luxury resort, according to James McBride, Nihi continues to create awareness of issues faced by local communities, while providing employment and services that foster family income and welfare, and support basic needs such as health clinics, nutritious lunch for school children, and access to clean water.

Many of the guests later became donors of the Sumba Foundation and created a bond with the island’s original culture while promoting the health and well-being of its people. (*)

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