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Singapore Tour Package to Universal Studio

Taking a tour out of town or abroad is one of the effective things to get rid of fatigue and fatigue because of the mounting pressure of work, the problems faced can make our body experience prolonged stress, of course, to ease the burden of the mind you can travel occasionally like to Singapore and other places.

Merlion Park Singapore The Most Crowded Attractions in Visit

Traveling with family will make the mood or feeling feeling happy and slightly reduce the level of stress that we face while working. Traveling to Singapore on weekends with your small family is a very good idea because it can make a very harmonious closeness in the family stronger because in that holiday you can spend full time with your beloved family.

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When we want a vacation that must be done before the holidays with family is that you have to plan everything carefully because when you travel you have to know the costs, tourist destinations, places to stay and so on.

When we travel without a well-planned plan, your tour will experience considerable problems that should not be considered trivial, such as expensive travel costs, prices for lodging such as expensive hotels but not satisfying service.

Unknown tourist destinations that cause you to get lost during a trip that makes your vacation time wasted just like that.

These holiday periods can make an unforgettable experience unique such as the closeness of the father to the child who rarely can get close and laugh together because work in the office that accumulates is not infrequently have to go out of town for business events.

Even though you are a hard worker in order to be able to make a lot of money for the needs of the family and the future of the child, you must be able to spend vacation time with your family so that harmony in the family stays close.

Now let’s start planning a vacation and traveling with family abroad. So important is to plan a holiday trip abroad well and carefully there are no obstacles faced and do not disappoint your family.

The first and foremost thing to plan a holiday abroad is:
1. Which country will be visited for vacation.
2. Lodging to rest like a hotel.
3. Advantages and uniqueness of tourist destinations that will be visited with families in the country.
4. Travel costs that will have to be paid during a vacation such as Airplane Tickets, shuttle transportation to the airport, and others.
5. Entrance fee to tourist attractions and other conditions.

We recommend that you who want to vacation abroad to choose the destination country of Singapore. Singapore is one of the small developed countries located in the southeastern part of Asia and one of Indonesia’s neighbors.

Although Singapore’s small country has the advantage of many tourist destinations and is interesting to visit not less than European countries, so you don’t have to go far to find tourist destinations for vacation with family.

Although Singapore is a developed country and many citizens use English, there are still some who use Malay, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in Singapore. Lots of typical food in Singapore is suitable for the tongue of the Indonesian people, one of which is Laksa.

Laksa is a red spicy soup soup dish such as dusk sun which is added with coconut milk and dried shrimp, and added some Sea Food dishes such as mussels, shrimp, and fish cakes and given thick vermicelli which is cut short so that it is easily sipped with a spoon. Of course this food is very tasty, not only culinary tours, which are unique and interesting, there are also many recreational and shopping destinations that are fun for families such as Garden By The bay, Merlion Park, Bugis Street Shopping (by by), Sentosa Island (Universal Studio Photo, Casino Photo, hard Rock cafe Photo etc,), Vivo Mall shopping, Monorail ride (to Vivo Mall)

Garden By The Bay Singapore (Flower Garden)

The park in the public space near the lake is lined with modern glass and solar cells around it. This park has large plants that are given amazing lights when lit at night and there are beautiful flowers. There you get education about parks, horticulture, gardening skills and plant art that you can try when you come home from vacation.

Merlion Park Singapore (Lion Statue)

Merlion is a typical icon from Singapore, which is a lion-shaped statue and body shape that resembles a fish. If you visit Singapore, you have to come to Merlion Park because there you can take pictures with the background of the lion statue that issued the shower but when it will look beautiful at night because the fountain will be colorful.

Bugis Street Shopping Singapore (Hand Fruit)

This place is perfect for those of you who often shop for souvenirs or souvenirs when on a holiday, wherever they are. Here you can buy many types of items such as clothing, pants, crafts, and Singaporean specialties for family souvenirs at home.

Sentosa Island Singapore

Spending time with family in a recreational place like Sentosa Island is a very appropriate choice here you can just swim with your family, but what if you don’t bring a change of clothes? Relax, you can try other rides, such as taking a cable car, Universal Photo Studio, Photo Casino, Hard Rock cafe Photo, etc. to devote a moment to the call with your family.

How? Surely you are interested in visiting our recommended vacation vacation spot, the place is very suitable when you bring your child to vacation in some of these places definitely make your child happy and happy. When we vacation in these places we not only get happiness but get useful knowledge we can copy from Singapore like from the city layout and others.

For those of you who want to vacation in Singapore but do not know or fear if the costs will be very large and do not know the location of tourist attractions in Singapore. This worry does not need to worry because there is a travel agent that provides Singapore One Day Trip for those of you who want to vacation with family to Singapore.


This 1 day Tour Singapore package is a day tour package starting from Batam Center and finishing at Batam Center Port again, please prepare your passport if you want to vacation to Singapore a day with us at a package price of Rp.650,000 per person every day, please also pay attention Active period of your Passport Minimum of 6 months active so that you do not have a problem in Singapore Immigration.

The package you get is a Day Package, If you want to Stay in Singapore, Please Book a 2 Day 1 Night Package to Galang Bahari Indonesia Staff.

Oneday Tour Singapore with Destinations:
1. Garden By The bay
2. Merlion Park
3. Bugis Street Shopping
4. Sentosa Island (Universal Studio Photo
5. Casino Photo
6. Hard Rock cafe Photo etc.)
7. Take a Monorail (to Vivo Mall)
8. Vivo Mall shopping

This Tour Package you will get:
1. Batam Ferry Tickets – Singapore PP
2. Air-conditioned transportation
3. Lunch
4. Entrance ticket
5. Tour leader

With a fee of 650,000 / person this is very cheap because it has very many goals and is very interesting to visit for more complete information you can visit our Office at

Paket Tour Wisata Singapore Termurah di Batam
Paket Tour Wisata Singapore Termurah di Batam

PT. Galang Bahari Indonesia
Office Address: Ruko Kepri Mall no.26 next to ATM Center
Batam, Riau Islands
Phone: 0813-7808-8585
WhatsApp: 0813-7808-8585

Paket Tour Wisata Singapore Termurah di Batam

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