Pengalap Beach, The Island That Can not Be Missed When To Abang Island

Pulau Abang

Pengalap Beach, The Island That Can not Be Missed When To Abang Island

Khairah Beach, Pantai yang Paling Direkomendasikan di Batam, Kepri

Currently, the holiday season has arrived. Lots of tourists who may be browsing on the internet any place is fun to the go. This time, I will recommend where you can go, to fill your vacation time.

Beautiful and amazing tourist spots not only in Java or Sumatra and Bali, but you can visit the island located in the Riau Islands region. You are sure, there are a lot of tourist attractions in the form of a very beautiful island cluster. Some of them are inhabited and uninhabited islands.

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Batam Promotion One of the places in the Riau Islands that has a stunning tourist spot is Batam. Batam is already known as an industrial city. However, Batam is also known to have amazing sights that are beautiful island clusters.

One of the islands that you can visit and become one of the interesting tourist spot is, Pengalap Beach. This island is quite foreign to some tourists. However, for you who are the tourist enthusiast, definitely know with this one island. This island is definitely a package with Abang Island. If you say going to Pengalap Beach is certain, you will hear also the name of Abang Island. Because before heading to Pengalap Beach you will first stop by Abang Island.

Pengalap Beach is located just south of Batam Island. To get there you must pass or stop by first at the bridge Barelang 6, a very famous bridge in Batam. There you will rent a speedboad or pompong first. Then you will be escorted to Abang Island.

On Abang Island you will start getting ready to use the diving equipment if you want to do snorkeling. Because it is usually the main purpose to come to Pengalap Beach is to snorkel.

Khairah Beach, Pantai yang Paling Direkomendasikan di Batam, Kepri

Before leaving for Pengalap Beach, you can enjoy the first scenery on the island of Abang. After that you will be invited to board a speedboat or pompong back to Pengalap Beach. The trip from Abang Island to Pengalap Beach will take a long time. But the time will not be felt if we enjoy the natural beauty that has been served while traveling.

When you get to Pengalap Beach, then you will be presented with a stunning beauty. Because this island has a beach with sea water is sloping, so walking around the beach will be fun and fun. It will not worry about being dragged into deep water.

Not only that, the beach here has a very soft white sand, and there are forests around it. The coastline of the island is approximately five hundred meters. With the depth of the sea approximately five to seven meters from the surface.

Khairah Beach, Pantai yang Paling Direkomendasikan di Batam, Kepri

Coral cliffs located at the end of this beach also became a very unique sight and beauty of this beach itself.

In addition to the white sand is very soft and clean. The sea water is also very clear, so coral-coral under the sea can be seen even if not by diving, let alone known that the sea on the beach is quite gentle.

However, even more amazing if you do diving activities, such as snorkeling. Because the island is a spot that aims for tourists to do snorkeling. While doing snorkeling with guided by the guide, then you will immediately feel the beauty under the sea is fantastic.

So many beautiful corals are also protected under the sea. Not only beautiful corals but also the fish that are there are also very diverse and adorable.

Not only in the sea is very beautiful, in the mainland is also very amazing to enjoy. Along the coast there are many coconut trees lined up naturally, even there is also a large tree plant wild. But can be used as a shelter when the weather is scorching.

What is unique about this beach is the presence of birds milling about, even the many birds that make their nest among the wild trees that grow around the beach. Can be spelled out on the island is paradise Abang Island.

In addition to the natural beauty of the above, it turns out this beach there are also mangrove tour loh. Well, in addition to feeling the fun of playing on the beach, here also at once can mangrove tour.

On this island there are several types of mangroves that grow around the coast. Approximately there are seven types of mangroves that grow in this Pengalap Island. Among them are Rhizopora stylosa. Mangrove this one grows in the beach front area, so it can be immediately seen if we are doing activities on the beach.

Not only on the beach front, there is also a mangrove that grows in the area behind the beach. Like Rhizopora apiculata, sonnera alba, Bruguiera gymnorrizhater.Wah pretty much ya guys kind. Mangrove located in the front of the beach itself also has a height of about four to six meters. Pretty amazing is not it?

Moreover on the island of this racer also has a cannon island, which is located on the east of the island. It is known that the island is a former island of Japanese colony. And in Pengalap Beach itself also has a water reservoir, where on the top of the hill the driver used as a source of raw water for the Japanese invaders.

How quite unique is not it? Moreover, there is still a history that can not provide education to children.

Not only do that activity alone. Doing a lot of beach activities can also be done loh. For example fishing, swimming, sunbathing and other exciting activities. Even if you want to camp or stay overnight on this island you can also do. The important thing is you should have tents tent from home.

Even the atmosphere of the night on the island will be very exciting with a dramatic atmosphere. You can also do barbecue parties or grilled fish from fishing. Installing a campfire and performing night activities together. Fun is not it?

One that becomes the main ban when you are traveling, ie try not to throw garbage carelessly. Try to always keep clean. In order for tourist attractions that we have not polluted and remain beautiful in the eyes of the tourists, especially foreign tourists.

So are you interested to go looking for excitement on this island? Get ready and start hurrying. To stay thrifty you can also bring your own food from home. However, if you use a package traveler, then you need not worry besides saving in terms of tourism, mska all facilities will be borne by the travel services.

Khairah Beach, Pantai yang Paling Direkomendasikan di Batam, Pulau Abang, Kepri

Well, how? Do you want to try to feel the beauty of Pulau Pengalap. Let’s go on vacation there and feel his fresh and excitement playing on the stunning beach. For those of you who vacation. Have a good holiday.


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