Pulau Mepar Lingga Kepri Land of Indonesian History Tourism

Lingga Kepri Land of Indonesian History Tourism

Pulau Mepar Lingga Kepri Land of Indonesian History Tourism

Mepar Island is the name of a small island in the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, more precisely located in the district of Lingga which is part of the Riau Islands Province (KEPRI). Mepar Island is just south of the island of Lingga, which is directly opposite the Buton Cape Harbor. Administratively, the island of Mepar belongs to the village area of ​​Mepar, Lingga sub-district, about a kilometer from the Cape Buton Harbor. If from Batam Island or from Bintan Island, shipping is available every day to the island of Singkep, namely in the port of Jagoh Dabo Singkep, then a small speed ride to Mepar Island, approximately 30 minutes.

Mepar Island is popular with its historical tourism, this mepar island is one of the strongholds of land at the riau-lingga kingdom. Four fortresses on the island of Mepar. namely the downstream fortress, the Lekok fort, the triangular Tanjung fortress and the central fortress. The Lekok Fort is located on a hill and is directly opposite the Buton Cape, Lingga Island, which is equipped with seven cannons. There is also a historic burial complex located on the island of Mepar. In this complex there are rich datuk tombs inu (Ino), tumenggung datuk kaya jamaluddin, rich chubby datuk, and rich datuk muhammad seman.

As many as 200 family heads living on the island of Mepar, until now still retain the Bunda Tanah Melayu shelter. Every traveler who comes, does not need to rent a hotel room or other lodging. Local residents are happy to give their homes a place of residence for tourists while on the island.

Not only that, the residents of Mepar Island, who are native Malays, still maintain the inheritance of adoptive parents, which means that every newcomer who comes to their village is their child who needs a ride.

Thus the article of the Land of the Land of the Land of Tourism, Indonesian History, we summarize from various resource persons who can be trusted as an illustration material for tourists who will visit the island of Mepar. May be useful.

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