Recommendations and Prohibitions in Visual Facebook Ads

Recommendations and Prohibitions in Visual Facebook Ads

Recommendations and Prohibitions in Visual Facebook Ads

Recommendations and Prohibitions in Visual Facebook Ads

The purpose of each Facebook ad is to ask someone to click or interact with your page. Effective Facebook ads consist of three carefully crafted parts, namely ad copy, ad image, and ad title. In this article, we will focus on images or visuals of advertisements that need to be done and prohibited.

Recommendation: Use High Quality Images

One easy way to make great visuals is to start with high-quality images. Whether it’s just your content base or main focus, the image you choose is a representation of your company. If you make a mistake in visual advertising, you will make a terrible first impression.

Prohibition: Using Random Stock Images

Another way that marketers can create good Facebook ad visuals is to avoid using wrong and random stock images. It’s easy to find the best stock of images, but some people still refuse to take the time to find the right one. In the end, many decided to choose images randomly. Habits like this might hurt your customers.

Prohibition: Using Non-Readable Text

If you are going to use text in a Facebook ad image, make sure someone can read it. Instead, make sure your text is not only large but also easy to read on whatever background color. Large, easy-to-read text can help attract someone’s attention quite precisely.

Recommendation: Using Icons and Illustrations

Icons and illustrations are the perfect way for marketers to increase their advertising. You can use icons or illustrations about any ads for any industry. Icons can also be used in Facebook ads to add context to images or help readers make conclusions quickly.

Prohibition: Using a Background that Is Too Bright

In our opinion, you should avoid using a background that is too bright for Facebook ads. Why? Because the main color of Facebook Feed is white. Ads with white backgrounds can easily “disappear” from someone’s feeds. If you choose a vibrant or dark color, the ad will stand out more. Dark colors also help you break the ad into three different parts that make the reader able to interpret information more easily. With a white or bright background, Facebook users cannot easily see where the ad title, ad image, and other text are. This will most likely cause a lack of interaction or click on your ad.

Those are some visual tips for Facebook ads that can be learned. If you are just starting a Facebook ad, then you can follow and avoid some of the tips above so that your Facebook ads can get more clicks and engagement.

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