Sijori Resort and Spa Batam, The 1st Wellness Resort in Batam Island

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam, The 1st Wellness Resort in Batam Island

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam, The 1st Wellness Resort in Batam Island

Sijori Resort and Spa, the name of this resort may be familiar to some Batam people. After stopping due to renovations finally in September the resort was reopened. Appearing with a new face Sijori Resort offers the concept of the Wellness Resort and members of the Healing Hotels of the World.

The recently renovated Sijori Resort & Spa Batam Sijori Resort & Spa has 42 rooms from 96 rooms (Superior, Deluxe, Bungalow), Courtyard Restaurant, Lobby, Lounge, Spa, Swimming Pool, Meeting Room and shuttle service to the mall & terminal ferry around.

1. Spa

The resort offers three types of spa including body massage, body scrub and body mask. All ingredients used for treatment come from natural ingredients and aromatherapy. Every Oil has essential oils and aromatherapy. And every month the aroma will be different.

Sijori Resort and Spa Spa Room

Natural ingredients are also in scrubs. Because not only in the form of granules but the original form of the material used. There are several scrub offers that you can try. This is like using coffee beans, which are ground coffee beans themselves. Then for green tea leaves are also mashed. And for those who like the aroma of herbs, you can try herbs from plants.

2. Herbal Session

Here you will meet when checking in at Sijori Resort and Spa. This resort offers guests to see first hand how to make and taste herbal drinks. Why with Jamu, because at this resort there is no alcohol for consumption. Located in the forest area in Sekupang with an area of ​​10 Hectare Resort has a Hydroponic garden. So, the herbal medicine itself comes from the resort’s own garden so it’s guaranteed freshness.

Sijori Resort and Spa
Jamu Sesion at Sijori Resort and Spa

3. Rooms

The rooms at this resort are Superior, Deluxe and Bungalow. The rooms have different rooms and the interior space still looks new. The rooms and toilets are clean, so you will be very comfortable staying here. Special Bungalow room types have a mini balcony and there is also an area for BBQ. Television 64 international channels.

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
Deluxe Twin Bed Room Sijori Resort and Spa

4. Resort Activities

Activities at the resort include swimming, archery, mini golf and fishing. Mini Golf activities with a total of 18 holes for guests to stay You can play for free. As for archery and fishing you are charged 100,000 / 10 Arrows and 100,000 / hour fishing. Guests who are fishing can immediately enjoy catches to enjoy by paying extra fees.

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam

  1. Archery at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
  2. Mini Golf at Sjori Resort and Spa Batam
  3. Fishing at Sijori Resort and Spa

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Experience Staying at Sijori Resort and Spa on Batam

*** Lodging with cool Asri Forest
You have visited Puncak, Bogor. A place with uniqueness from cold weather, winding roads, cool forests and beautiful, colored lakes.

Now if you go to Batam, you can visit a place like Villa on Puncak.

My previous experience while living in Jakarta, was to go to the Villa on Puncak, a beautiful place with shady trees, coupled with a fish pond that can be accompanied by fishing activities, a fresh swimming pool, then a track that can be reached by walking around the resort .

Equipped with jogging tracks around the resort, complementing your activities that can make you feel united with nature. And according to information, at Sijori Resort will complement the flying fox facility, to provide an exciting and challenging adrenaline experience.

Experience Staying at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam

*** New Concept of Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
Here is a beautiful and beautiful place that can make visitors satisfied as if they forget the time, and want to always be in this place. I will never forget this place from memories as a place to rest and also where all healthy activities are accompanied by fresh cool air from the surrounding trees.

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam, a place with the latest concepts present in Batam, wellnes and Spa. The new claim is from a total renovation, making 2 years less operational. Preparation for the latest concepts in Batam, namely spa and health. Come back offering comfort so guests can feel comfortable both in terms of resort facilities and the newly applied fitness center.

Experience Staying at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam

*** Special Care Sparadise SPA for Your Health
Natural ingredients from SPA treatments Sparadise is prioritized as a form of attention for guests. Treatment is divided into three forms, namely:
1. Body Massage
2. Scrub
3. Body Mask

Sparadise location is not far from the swimming pool, giving a relaxed and calm feel, with a special design like home and villa, which is expected to provide a pleasant experience when you are on Sparadise.

6 Spa Rooms from Sijori Resort and Spa Batam:
1. Two rooms for couples
2. One room for singles
3. One room for three people (family or friends)

Complementing the health concept, when you arrive at Sijori Resort, you can drink Welcome Drinks in the form of herbal medicines. You will also find some herbs planted around the location of Sijori Resort and Spa on Batam. Like pandan, ginger, lemongrass and other types of herbs.

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Experience Staying at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
*** Room Accommodation from Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
Hotel rooms and Bungalow rooms are also equipped with beautiful views of the beautiful and cool forest, you can see from the corner of the room window or from a private balcony as a special service for you loyal customers of Sijori Resort and Spa Batam.

Information provided by the hotel that 42 rooms have been renovated and are ready for use, out of a total of 96 rooms. Equipped with a BBQ barbecue area, to guarantee a stay that will not be forgotten by guests.

Experience Stay at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
*** Sijori Resort and Spa Batam Building Team
Access can be given from Sijori Resort to guests, or the community as well as groups and groups that have Team Building activities at Sijori Resort.

Experience Stay at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam

*** Fish Products from Sijori Fishing
With an area of ​​10 hectares Sijori Resort and Spa Batam has several facilities that can make us feel united with nature, one of which is a fishing pond. A pond that has a fish statue object accompanied by sweet ducks accompanying and accompanying the fish.

You don’t need to be afraid if you don’t get fish, because this pool has a depth of 1.5 meters and also has a pool around 100 square meters. With some interesting fish to eat such as catfish, lohan fish, gold fish and also pomfret, and several other fish species.

Sijori Resort has several huts around fishing ponds that can be used as a location for fishing, although in practice, you can fish in locations other than huts, if prior permission is given to the resort.

Experience Stay at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
*** Sexy Sijori Resort and Spa Swimming Pool Batam
For those of you who bring children to stay at Sijori Resort, as one of the facilities that can be used at the Resort is a swimming pool, with a special place for children and also a special place for adults. The buoy in the middle of the two places is a separator and is also marked by a pool bar located in the middle.

For information, the swimming pool at Sijori Resort has a maximum depth of 2.8 meters. So that those of you who have a hobby of diving (diving using oxygen breathing apparatus) can do your hobby in the pool. Although for the time being from the Sijori Resort, there is no diving equipment, but you can bring the tool from home.

The swimming pool can only be used by guests who stay overnight. For now, from Sijori Resort and Spa, Batam, it has not provided access for those who want to swim apart from guests who stay overnight.

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Experience Stay at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
*** Facility Prices from Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
1. Fishing is subject to a fee of 100,000 per pax
2. Archery costs 100,000 with 10 arrows

Note: this facility is only valid for Sijori Resort guests.
For facilities that are not subject to fees such as:
1. Mini Golf
2. Wifi all area
3. Swimming pool
4. Demo herbal medicine
5. 64 International TV Channels
6. Shuttle service to the mall

Experience Stay at Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
*** Access Sijori Resort and Spa Batam
Batam Sijori Resort and Spa which has strategic access from Sekupang Ferry International Terminal with a travel time of 7 minutes.

Batam Sijori Resort and Spa can also travel not too far from the Batam shopping area, namely Nagoya Hill about 25 minutes away by car.

Guests of Batam Sijori Resort and Spa who want to take recreation or travel to Marina Waterfront International Ferry Terminal, only take a distance of about 12 minutes.

Sijori Resort & Spa, more information:

• Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 6 Sekupang, Batam.
• Telephone number 0778-323388
• Email:
• Web:
• Facebook:
• Instagram:
• Twitter:

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