Strategies for Attracting Inter-Generation Tourist Attention – GIPI Riau Islands

Strategies for Attracting Inter-Generation Tourist Attention - GIPI Riau Islands

Strategies for Attracting Inter-Generation Tourist Attention – GIPI Riau Islands

To strengthen relationships with families who live far apart, enjoy time together, and create family memories, this is the main goal of intergenerational tourism (groups that include three or more generations of the same family).

More than 20% of active tourists are grandparents. 40% of them have traveled with grandchildren during the previous year.

Tourism industries such as accommodation must actively seek to attract the attention of “elderly tourists”, because please note that one reservation can include a large group. This is the way to attract increasing market attention.

1. Offering Lots of Accommodation and Calculating Location Settings

In hotels, adjoining rooms are perfect for intergenerational groups, because they offer the perfect balance between privacy and interaction. “Boomer” generation (born between 1946-1964), or “Matures” (born before 1946), older generations usually choose a full service property with a moderate price range and fewer than 300 rooms.

However, more and more large families are looking for alternative accommodations such as rented condos and vacation homes that provide more space to interact, cook dishes together, and relax. Public spaces with lots of seating and separate bedrooms are the main factors. Other important facilities that are preferred: several bathrooms, a large family dining room, and an outdoor playground for children with seating for adults watching.

Family travelers

Some suggestions about price: offering “free stay children” is the right thing to do, you may also offer specific multi-generation tour packages with different and interesting names or offer titles, for example “Pay One for Three Generations”. You will convey the message more precisely that this type of business is accepted. In addition, try offering this package at an all-in rate. Family travelers will appreciate the convenience of paying for dinner in advance.

2. Always Check Mobility

We assume that older guests in a group of family travelers will experience age-related mobility problems. The elevator is certainly an important facility on the property with several floors. If you don’t have an elevator, make accommodation on the ground floor a “family” zone. Make sure the parking area is close to the property.

Check tourist mobility

Courteous behavior and friendliness will be more appreciated, include information about the nearest medical facility along with other materials provided to guests. Think about the location of your family’s activities related to guest rooms. If guests have to walk far or the landscape is uneven, maybe you can offer the use of a golf cart.

3. Make sure all visitors are involved & entertained

You will be able to fulfill vacation requests that are suitable for everyone. The perfect form of intergenerational tourism: supervised children’s programs, food choices to suit various tastes and styles, and entertainment designed for guests of all ages offered by the Cruise Ship industry.

Although multigenerational tourism allows grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren, it does not mean they are the guardians of children. They want to do their own hobbies. Ideally, children’s activities must be offered, and supervised by staff in separate environments, such as camps, so that all adults can enjoy their free time. In addition, consider programs for adults, such as hiking with guides, wine tasting, or a tour of a local museum. Don’t forget a program that is not affected by the weather to do if it rains.

4. Flexible Dish Choices

Family travelers appreciate the choice of dishes to suit their budgetary and nutritional needs. Facilities for storing and cooking food are perfect for families if eating out for a week may be too expensive, and if there are family members who are allergic to certain foods.

However, eating out is an important part of tourism, so you must provide a place to eat with hours of operation that can accommodate early risers, menus and benches for children, and large tables that are adequate for 10 or more people.

5. Creating memories

This group highly appreciates “togetherness” and the emotional aspects of tourism, especially memories that are obtained when carrying out unique and meaningful joint activities. Provide an environment or event for family activities, such as bonfires and fish burning events, or scheduled events to play with the mascot of your property that allows all family members to take pictures together.

Strengthen family intimacy by holding competitions between teams in the family. You can hold simple competitions such as bingo candy games or sand castle-making competitions, or complicated competitions such as “Olympic” style multi-day competitions.

Guests will certainly take photos and videos of the activity, then publish it proudly on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. The result is a positive, trustworthy promotion for your business. But the best return on investment is that the memories will always be remembered by guests, so that guests will not only give direct references, but will also return to visit.

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