The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO

The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO

The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO

The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO
The Best Way to Get Free Website Promotion SEO

The thing to remember about free website promotion is that nothing is completely free. If you don’t spend money promoting your site, you have to spend time. So, why waste time to market your website with a method that will only give you very little income. The following five free website promotion techniques will give you increased site traffic.

Working on SEO websites

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the best thing to promote your site because it is easy to learn and apply the basics to your own website. By working on an SEO site, you can improve your web page rank and direct more traffic to your site.

Tip: If you use non-text content on your web pages like photos, map images or JavaScript include text in the ALT tag so that the search engine has something that can be read.

Get reciprocal relationships

Make someone else put a link to your site on their page because it is the best way to get free website promotion.

Be aware that even getting inbound links to your site is not a number game; that’s the quality of the link that is very important. So, you want to focus your efforts on connecting you to relevant quality sites.

Writing articles

The basic theory of article marketing is that you write articles and then offer them for free to various sites, blogs, magazines, and others. Your article ends with a place for resources or a ‘description’ that promotes your site.

The beauty of a website promotion strategy is if you get articles published on popular and long-lived websites in famous magazines. They can promote your site for a very long time without further effort on your part.

First, you must be able to write well about topics that other people want to read and publish. Second, you must find a quality place so that your articles are published and convince people to publish them too.

Tip: Find a website or magazine that you want to publish first, then take the time to read the content to see what kind of material they might want. If there is a real place in the content that you can cover. Then adjust your material to the needs of a particular site or magazine.

Use social media to drive traffic to your website

Social media is not just the right place to connect with friends and family; it is also a good place to promote your website or business because so many people use it. For example, a Nielsen study found that internet users spend 21.3% of their time on social networking sites, PQ Media finds the average US internet user spends about 33 hours per month on the internet and about 8 hours on social media.

Participating in social media can be a great way to get free website promotion because it can give you high visibility at low costs. To successfully market your site using social media, you need a plan.

Tips: Different social media attract different types of people. Before investing time in using certain social media platforms and building a group of followers, make sure you have chosen the right platform for your marketing goals. See how to choose social media that best suits your business.

Create quality content

There are no techniques that will work very well for you if you don’t have quality content on your site. The type of content other people want to read and promote on their own blog / website and on social media.

So somewhere on your site, you need to have a blog or article that presents content that is relevant to your target market.

Where will you get content like that? You will write it yourself or ask someone else to write it down. “Other people” may be hired writers or guest bloggers. Which approach you choose depends on your budget, time, and talent.

Writing your own blog can be a very effective way to market a website because by blogging about your subject, you will get the opportunity to become an active member of the blogging community, build relationships, and links. Of course, your blog will be rich in keywords, increasing your Search Engine Optimization.

Tip: Most blogs include the facility to comment on posts. When you read other blogs that are relevant to your topic, take the time to comment on a post (make sure your comment says something that is just as relevant). This is another opportunity to promote yourself and your website for free.

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