The Busung Village Community Welcomes the GIPI Riau Islands Real Work

The Busung Village Community Welcomes the GIPI Riau Islands Real Work

The Busung Village Community Welcomes the GIPI Riau Islands Real Work

Telaga Biru is located in the desert, how come there can be a desert in Indonesia? Yes, actually this desert comes from a former sand excavation mine that is no longer operating, so the unused sand material around the site makes the place like a desert, while the sand excavation holes are gradually filled with rainwater. So that the color of the water in the lake or lake is very clear rather bluish or tends to turquoise, making our eyes always stunned.

In the Telaga Biru Desert location there are two lakes that are formed and located close enough around 500 m. Every day no less than 1,000 visitors present here, both foreign and domestic tourists, and present a positive energy for the economy of the surrounding community.

The Riau Islands Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) feels called to help further increase tourist visits to this location by rearranging facilities to increase tourist comfort and increase the income of the surrounding community.

In this visit Saturday (11/11/18) to Bintan district, the Riau Islands DPD GIPI Team had the opportunity to attend the Desert, Blue Lake, Trily Resort Center (TRC), Treasure Bay and Lagoi Bay. The team’s visit was accompanied by the deserts of Desert deserts, representatives of the BUMDES, Chair of the Indonesian Guides Association (HPI) DPC Bintan and the manager of the Trily Resort Center, the Architect Team from the city of Solo.

The Riau Islands GIPI Team delivered the development plans to representatives of BUMDES and tourism actors there. A very good response was conveyed by the surrounding community regarding programs for the Bintan Blue Desert and Telaga destinations.

It is time to show real work than many capable for tourism, said Deska Amilin as coordinator of destination development and ecotourism. Henceforth, a tourism conscious working group (Pokdarwis) will be formed which will be assisted by Mr. Deska Amilin as well as the Chairperson of POKDARWIS in the Riau Islands. Sapta Pesona socialization will be the main agenda here.

The Architects team aimed at fixing the location, entrance gate, vehicle parking location, structuring the community’s commercial activities, MCK facilities, to the addition of vehicles to be the driving force for increasing tourist interest. All preparations start from design, site plan until the marketing strategy has been prepared.

The role of local government, tourism industries, media, academics and the community is highly expected so that this program can run well and smoothly.

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