We as citizens of Indonesia must have known, that the State of Indonesia has a variety of beauty, and rich natural wealth. Starting from flora, fauna to mining and all kinds of spices. Not to forget also some tourist attractions or islands are so many and has a kind of natural attractions stunning. One of the beauty of Indonesia that many people and even foreign tourists admire is Karimun Island.

Karimun Island is a small island bordering Singapore and Malaysia. Karimun Island still into the Riau Islands, namely the archipelago that is famous for the kind of nature and tourist attractions are so many and amazing that much in demand by many tourists from abroad.

And the many beautiful beaches that beautify the eye to look at it. Indeed the Riau Islands is a place that so many clusters of islands are very interesting to visit. As well as the many cool places to visit such as cafes, luxury resorts and typical culinary tours.

The proximity between Singapore and Malaysia brings its own benefits on the island of Karimun, by making it one of the tourist destinations from abroad. Apart from being a tourist destination, Karimun Island used as a transit point for the surrounding islands.

Karimun Island has an area of ​​approximately 139 sq km. Karimun Island is under the administration of Karimun District, Riau Islands. Some areas of Karimun Island have been set as one of the investment destination with the concept of Free Trade Zone with Batam and Bintan.

To go to Karimun Island there is only one transportation route yes pkitu sea transportation. On Karimun Island the ferry terminal used is Ferry Terminal Tanjung Balai Karimun.

Although Karimun Island is not as famous as Batam Island and Bintan Island. But Karimun Island is equally beautiful from both. Because Karimun Island also has many clusters of the island is so beautiful and cool to visit. Moreover, the tourist destination is also widely owned Karimun Island. Some of them are also not less beautiful with other famous attractions.

Like some beautiful beaches and some natural attractions such as mountains and waterfalls, plus more other tours such as culinary tours and resorts in Karimun Island. Some tourist destinations Karimun Island is quite famous is as follows.

1. Pelawan Beach

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Pelawan Beach is a beach that is quite widely known and also includes the best beaches on the island Karimun. This beach has the privilege that lies in the trees that grow with bushy stretches on every sloping beach lips.

Pelawan Beach is located in Pangke, Meral, Tanjung Balai Karimun. In Pangke, itself has two beaches and one of them is Pelawan Beach. First time to visit this beach you will be immediately treated to a very special scenery. This beach really has soft white sand nan soft. As well as clear and blue sea water glittering.

This place is a favorite place of visitors on the weekends and new year, when you come here during the day you can also enjoy the beach atmosphere in the gazebos that have been available around the beach.

Lots of facilities provided on this beach. Small huts around the beach, hotels near the beach and also shopping there is also a place on this beach. Guaranteed you will feel satisfied when visiting this beach.

To reach this beach the distance from the island of Batam is probably about 45 minutes away. While from Tanjung Balai Karimun is about twenty kilometers.
If you want to spend the night in this beach, you can also rent a hotel around this beach. One of them is hotel in Jalan Nusantara, Teuku Umar, Mining.

You can also enjoy dining here, because here many provide food to sell. So you do not have to worry about starving. If forgot not bring supplies from home.

2. Pongkar Beach

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This one beach you must visit when in Karimun. Pongkar Beach has its own charm, you can see the beautiful sunrise in the morning.

Location Pongkar Beach is in the Village Pongkar, District Tebing Karimun District. With a distance of approximately ten kilometers east of the City of Tanjung Balai. Pongkar Beach is famous for its natural beauty. The sand is pure white and the water is refreshing. Combined with the hills around the beach, and also the ranks of pine trees that add to the beauty of this beach.

Some facilities are also widely available on this beach. Like a water game when you visit here on weekends. Pongkar Beach is a comfortable place to relax or swim. Light activity atapun play sand also can you do here.

Moreover, the most fun is no ticket payment to get into this beach or free. Automatically your holiday will be more fun.

3. Pongkar Water Fall

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In Pongkar Village, Tebing District, Karimun Regency, not only has a beautiful beach, but also has a natural view of the waterfall is amazing eyes. That is Pongkar Falls. When to Karimun you must visit this place for your collection of wisatamu.

From Pongkar Beach, this waterfall is about three kilometers, and to get there you just do trekking about two hundred meters from the parking lot. So easy enough and close to be able to enjoy the beauty of this one waterfall.

This waterfall has a pretty beautiful scenery, when just come here cool weather trees you will feel. The charm of nature is also very amazing very exotic and seductive eyes. You can also play wet-basahan in waterfalls and feel the fresh water is very beautiful this.

Actually this place is very beautiful just not managed properly, so seemed a bit neglected. However, even though this place is very impressive and suitable for you can feel the beauty of nature is very exotic.

4. Coastal Area Tanjung Balai Karimun

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When to Karimun do not let you miss this one place, namely Coastal Area Tanjung Balai Karimun. This place is very well known as a very fun place to hang out. This place is the center of the crowd that many tourists visited during a visit in Karimun.

This place is a reliable place on Karimun Island. This reclaimed land has been widely known to the people of Riau Islands since there are MTQ Riau Islands Province levels.

Usually this place is used as a place of various activities or multipurpose. Such as foodcourt, playing field, sports arena, music venues and places of religious events.

In addition to having a fairly complete facilities here is also an amazing view, for you who like the selfie photos so this place is perfect for the make a selfie background photo. Then a memorable experience will you get here.

5. Sibadang Tomb


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If you like the historic tour, you can visit this place, the Tomb of Sibadang. This tomb is the final resting place of a hulubalang Riau Kingdom, Lingga. This hulubalang named Badang, in his time he was famous so dashing and has a supernatural powers so high and extraordinary.

From Buru to the tomb Sibadang traveled about one hour by motorcycle ride. If you are the first time to visit the tomb of Sibadang, you better ask the help of the local people to deliver to the grave of Sibadang. Because although the first path is a paved road, but when heading to the grave site, the field is quite difficult, you have to cross the path to the right and left surrounded by rubber trees owned by residents.

Location of the highway is quite far around rubber forest area, about three or four meters from the highway. The area is very spacious and spacious. The area of ​​the Tomb of Sibadang itself about 30×30 meters. Around the tomb there are several forest trees with a size large enough. And one of the big trees in the tomb is the gaharu tree, when viewed, the tree seemed to have been decades old.

In front of the tomb there is a gate, which serves as a gateway to the grave. The height of the gate is about four meters. And in the gate there is also the phrase “cultural heritage sites Tomb of Badang Buru” color of the yellow colored gate, the same color in the main building of the tomb. The place also looks clean and neat.

Lots of people who come pilgrimage to this tomb and even outsiders Karimun also many who visit for pilgrimage at the Tomb of Sibadang this. If you make a pilgrimage here you will find the uniqueness, namely the existence of nine pieces of wooden stick that lies above the grave tomb. And with this stick is usually residents perform a ritual, which measures the length of the Tomb of Sibadang.


6. Jantan Mountain

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For those of you who like touring the mountains, you can trekking to this one place. Mount Jantan is a place of trekking which is also much in demand of many tourists.

You will be presented with stunning jungle scenery during trekking and also a vast expanse of views around the mountain can be seen from the top of Mount Jantan.

Among the climbing route on the Mountain is the same as the climbing route to Pongkar Waterfall. The location of this volcano is located in Pongkar Village, Tebing District, Karimun.

7. Great Mosque Karimun

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In Karimun not only beach or mountain tour only. If you guys are religious tour. You can visit the Great Mosque of Karimun.

The place is so comfortable and majestic, sure to worship here will make you comfortable and solemn. Its architecture is very typical of Malay once, big and majestic.

This mosque is a mosque of pride of residents in Karimun. The mosque is located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Poros, Meral District, Karimun.

8. Telunas Beach

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The beach located in Mentangun Village, Moro District, Sugi Island, Karimun is a fantastic place for you to visit. This beach is so amazing, its white sand and its crystal clear waters will hypnotize you to be mesmerized by this one beach.

Telunas beach is very popular in the ears of foreign tourists, rather than its own Indonesian. However, this beach does have the beauty of the beach that is not less exotic than the beaches in Bintan or Batam.

There are views of the green hills around the beach that add a soothing impression to be seen. The soft white sand and sea water so clear and shiny when exposed to the sun makes you really want to linger on this beach.

There are some complete facilities here, and even an international-class resort facility makes this place an award winner of the Traveler’s Choice Awards, which is a leading travel site, Tripadvisor.

For those of you who want a honeymoon was very well suited to go to this beach. The romantic atmosphere will really feel when honeymooners come here. So, you will really feel satisfied to have chosen this coast as a place you must visit.

9. Gading Beach

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This beach is located in the village of Tanjung Sari, Karimun. Ivory Coast really presents a natural panorama that is still really natural and beautiful. Beautified with the many granite stones of various sizes that spread around this beach. Beach views and shady trees around the coast add to this Ivorian exotic beauty.

Ivory Coast is indeed a favorite tourist destination of the traveler, especially the beach lovers. Because by coming here saturation and stress can be lost and replaced with a feeling of comfort and quiet enough holiday many groups or families who come to visit this beach, even the young ladies are also many who visit to feel the romantic atmosphere.

This beach has a natural beauty dangan beach contours sloping and pile of large stones as entrance. To get to the beach location, you have to climb a rocky hill about a hundred kilometers away. It may be quite tiring to get there. However, after getting paid already exhausted by this Ivorian exoticism this one.

Not only that there is another uniqueness when visiting this beach, that is if you come to visit in July or August then during your visit will be served a variety of fruits that have been cooked, and delicious to eat while relaxing on the beach. Because it is located in the village of Tanjung Sari is famous for its fruit centers.

And the most important in this village is the fruit Duriannya. So the establishment of monument as high as 1.5 meters durian as an icon in the village.

If you are going to this beach, from Tanjung Batu Kundur District, is about five kilometers to reach the Ivory Coast.

10. Batu Limau Beach

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Have you ever heard of a Stone similar to human life? Weird indeed. Is there really a Stone like that? It’s really interesting for you guys to find out. And the oddity that it was there loh in Batu Limau Village, District Ungar, Karimun, precisely in Batu Limau Beach.

In Karimun it really has a very unique tourist spot. Why to mention unique, because here there is a tourist attraction that will make you shake your head, precisely in this Limau Lime Beach. What is interesting is the stones on this beach that will amaze you.

Mentioned that on this beach there are rocks that resemble the sex, and not just one but in pairs. Quite surprising is not it? And this is the attraction on this beach. Lots of foreign and domestic tourists who come because they want to see it directly.

Indeed, the attraction of this beach is the rocks with a variety of unique shapes, ranging from male and female sex, form room chamber, stone mortar, bridal stone, spoon stone, stone ships and lime stone.

Mentioned indeed this beach does have a history behind it. In addition to the fantastic stones, the landscape around it was also very beautiful and stunning, although the water on the beach looks cloudy and not clear. However, the uniqueness of the beach is able to amaze and amaze you.

11. Timun Beach

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The exotic place that you must also visit in Karimun is Pantai Timun. This cucumber beach has beautiful scenery and stunning, with its sloping beach contours and also its natural state of nature and its highly accessible place makes you comfortable going to this beach. The location of the beach about one kilometer from the highway, connecting the city of Prayun and Kota Sawang.

The exact location of this beach is located in the Village Gemuruh, District Kundur West, Karimun. Timun Beach is adjacent to the Gulf Coast on Kundur Island. The island is famous as the largest island in the Karimun region.

In the afternoon at sunset is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of this beach charm. Even the romantic atmosphere was when both with a partner will be felt. Sure you will be fascinated by the beauty of this cucumber beach.


12. Tanjung Ambat Beach

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The location of Tanjung Ambat Beach is located in Teluk Dalam Village, Lubuk Puding, Buru District, Karimun. Access to Tanjung Ambat Beach is also not too difficult, the distance from Buru Rakyat Peoples port is only about two kilometers, and can ride a motorcycle when heading there.

At the entrance to the beach there is a gate with a height of about three meters, and this is exactly the position of the coast highway to be with you for the first time here will be very easy to find this Ambat Cape Coast.

This beach is located near the settlement residents, no wonder if along the way to enter the beach are found many houses on the back of the beach residents. But the number of houses located close to the beach is also not too much and the distance is also still quite far from the beach.

This beach has a coastline that is not so long, about two kilometers but the stretch of sand is wide enough with a width of forty meters, so is perfect for you who love to play beach sports. The sand is also very clean, white and very soft. Improved with the ranks of coconut trees around the back of the coast makes you fascinated by the exoticness of this Tanjung Ambat Beach.

This beach is not so famous as Pelawan Beach and Pongkar Beach, but keep in mind that this beach is a very beautiful beach even beat the famous beaches in Karimun. And this beach is still very natural alias not much touched people.

13. Lubuk Beach

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If you want to spend your holiday time relaxing, you can visit Lubuk Beach located on Kundur Island, Karimun. You can also invite family or friends to visit this one beach.

This beach is quite beautiful and charming, with the waves are calm and beautiful will spoil your eyes while visiting, in some parts of the beach there are also flat rocks that can be used to sit or relax to enjoy the afternoon on this beach. Not only that, you can also feel the soft sand in Lubuk Beach by walking barefoot.

On this beach is interesting is in the sunny weather, because in the afternoon you can see the spectacular sunset views and accompanied by fresh coconut water and relax in the wooden huts around the beach. It will really spoil your eyes. To go to this beach distance from Tanjung Batu about eight kilometers. Not so far is it?

14. Tulang White Sand Beach

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In Karimun also has a quite unique beach, located on the island of Tulang. This place is called White Sand Beach Bone. This beach is quite impressive and beautiful, interesting from this beach is a palm tree lined neatly like a shaff and the existence of a small cave that is estimated long enough and the existence of elephant stone and stone cat. Quite unique to visit with family and friends.

This beach also has a history to the point called white sand bone. That is the history of the Dutch who used to bury the dead bodies of dead bodies, but make no mistake this beach is not semistis history, precisely this beach is very beautiful and stunning the eyes for the visitors.


15. Berangan Beach

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When the long vacation has arrived, you and your family can visit this one beach, Berangan Beach. This beach has a very exotic beauty and includes the best beach in District Moro, Karimun District.

Berangan Beach also has a very blue sea water and clean. You can also do relaxing activities at this beach, and enjoy the exotic natural beauty in this Berangan Beach.

16. Sawang Beach

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Sawang Beach is located not so far from Kuala Kampar, Pelawan regency, Riau. Viewed from Kuala Kampar quite clear until you can see the view of this Sawang Beach from a distance.

On the edge of the beach slightly indented to the North. On this beach there is also a dock of medium-sized wood. There are also simple shops located just on the shoreline between the coastal area and the mainland. Made of wood and roofed woven-shaped zinc.

Quite comfortable when you eat at the tavern around the beach, while enjoying the stunning scenery. Moreover, the food is very diverse at an affordable price.

To get into the beach you do not need to reach the pockets too deep. Because there is free for free. How, you will be impressed with this Sawang Beach.

17. Ketam Beach

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Pantai Ketam terletak di Desa Pongkar, Kecamatan Tebing, Karimun. Pantai ini cukup indah. Di tepian pantai terdapat pepohonan rindang yang bisa digunakan untuk berteduh. Terdapat juga tiga pondok untuk pengunjung yang ingin memesan makanan. Dilengkapi dengan fasilitas hiburan berupa jet ski untuk merasakan kerasnya ombak di pantai ketam ini.

Pantai ini memang bersebelahan dengan Pantai Pongkar, hingga sejauh mata memandang dari Pantai Ketam kalian bisa melihat Pantai Pongkar dari kejauhan. Sayangnya pantai ini masih belum benyak terekspos hingga masih belum banyak pengunjung yang datang di pantai ini. Namun, pantai ini sangat indah untuk kalian kunjungi.

18. Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

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You guys like culinary tour? Well in Karimun you can culinary tour that serves a variety of seafood food and also typical food Karimun.

Namely Long Beach Seafood Restaurant. A very pleasant place for you who like culinary tour.

19. Telunas Beach Resort.

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If you want to stay at Karimun. There is a very pleasant place for you who want to relax at Telunas Beach Resort. This resort is not inferior to other luxury resorts. The place is so quiet and very comfortable to calm down.

The atmosphere is also quite romantic for you who want to stay with a partner. This place is also good for families who are on vacation and want to stay and relax. You will not regret having stayed here and will certainly have an exciting and memorable experience after staying here.

Those are some amazing tourist destinations in Karimun Island. You will not regret spending your time off to Karimun. Because as you can see a lot of tourist destinations are so unique and exotic.

In addition to visiting interesting tourist destinations. You can also try the typical food of Karimun that arouse the taste. So not complete if you have not felt the typical culinary in Karimun when traveling there.

Among the culinary in Karimun is nasi lemak, this fat rice is very typical with side dish of malay, like bilis fish, rendang, dried salted fish and sambel terasi.

Not only fat rice is still a lot of typical culinary in Karimun like Laksa and Lendot. The typical Laksa in Karimun is noodle laksa karimun which is noodles made from sago and given the gravy and spices typical karimun. While lendot is a kind of vegetables with a sauce like slime sago is mashed and cooked.

For those of you who taste typical cuisine Karimun would be addicted to the delicacy. Typical delights are thick with Malay cuisine. Cuisine in Karimun is more dominant with fish or seafood and basic ingredients of sago as well. However, the spices will be very tempting, sure you will be addicted and want to try again.

In addition to amazing culinary and tourism, in Karimun also so many cultures and traditions that we can see. As well as its friendly and good people become its own impression while on the island Karimun. Indeed Karimun is a place most preferred by many tourists both domestic and foreign. The place is rich in natural beauty and exotic. Even Karimun Island also made a place that is favored by many tourists.

How? Do you intend to visit the amazing island of Karimun? You can invite family or friends to travel to the beautiful places on Karimun Island. And do not forget to take some pictures or photos to be a memento home.

Guaranteed you will get interesting and fun experience when returning from Karimun Island. When the holidays have arrived try to visit at one of the interesting places in Karimun Island. Hopefully your holiday is fun and memorable friends.

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