What are the good health insurance criteria? How to choose and buy good health insurance?

What are the good health insurance criteria? How to choose and buy good health insurance?

What are the good health insurance criteria? How to choose and buy good health insurance?

What are the good health insurance criteria? How to choose and buy good health insurance?
What are the good health insurance criteria? How to choose and buy good health insurance?

Before you choose and buy health insurance, let’s read the information in this article first!

Don’t get the wrong choice and buy it!

Health Insurance Is Important

This growing era requires people to have many activities or activities they need to do. In addition to doing, of course they must complete the activity or activity.

Every day they will work, do business, meet consumers, meet colleagues, communicate and socialize with the surrounding environment, and do other activities or activities.

All activities or activities they do must be supported by someone with adequate health.

What if the person is sick? Can they still do their activities or activities?

Maybe they can do these things. However, surely they have limitations.

Then, how does the sick person force himself to work or do business? Is it good for physical health? Of course not!

People who force themselves to work or do business will experience a decline in the immune system and even experience damage to the function and work of organs.

  1. How can we work if we are not healthy?
  2. How can we do business if we are not healthy?
  3. How can we make money if we are not healthy?

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All of them require us to have good body health. Remember! Health is an investment for your future!

If we do not maintain the health of our body, then the event will cause various obstacles and problems.

We should do a healthy lifestyle, such as sleeping regularly, eating nutritious food, drinking lots of mineral water, not smoking and not drinking alcoholic beverages.

Even so, there are times when we will definitely experience pain. This is due to continuous body work.

What if you don’t maintain and do a healthy lifestyle? By doing a healthy lifestyle, you will still experience pain.

To anticipate this, there is an insurance product that can cover your health while you live on Earth. The insurance product in question is health insurance.

What is health insurance? What are the benefits provided by health insurance? How do you choose good health insurance?

Health Insurance

Health insurance is an insurance product that provides benefits for reimbursement of health costs if the policy holder is hospitalized due to an illness or accident.

So, the risk of the policy holder if affected by the disease and accident will be transferred to the insurance company that is by reimbursement of medical expenses.

How much does the insurance company pay for?

The amount of reimbursement of health costs in accordance with the number of bills from the hospital with a certain limit. This limit is determined based on the insurance plan taken by the policy holder in accordance with the insurance policy.

Insurance is an important part if you want to manage family finances.

In the next section, you will explain how to choose good health insurance. In choosing health insurance, you need to understand good health insurance criteria first.

There are 10 criteria for good health insurance. Here’s the discussion!

10 Good Health Insurance Criteria

Based on literature studies from various references and the opinions of Finansialku.com financial planner experts, the criteria worth considering are:

# 1 Trustworthy Insurance Company

The first criterion in choosing a good health insurance is to choose an insurance company that has high credibility.

A good company will certainly provide good service and quality insurance products.

You must be smart in choosing which health insurance company is suitable to guarantee your health.

How to choose a trustworthy insurance company, namely:

  1. The company is registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority).
  2. Good insurance claim service.
  3. Professional insurance agent.
  4. Provide an agreement in writing.
  5. Insurance companies have financial feasibility.

# 2 Cashless Insurance

There are 2 types of benefits from health insurance, namely reimburse health insurance and cashless health insurance.

As the name implies, reimburse insurance requires the customer to pay all health costs in advance by using personal customer funds / funds.

After that, when the customer returns from the hospital, the health costs can be claimed to the insurance company.

Unlike cashless insurance.

With cashless insurance, customers do not need to pay all health costs first. The insurer who will pay the customer’s health costs at the hospital.

Usually, what customers need to do when a customer is treated in a hospital is that the customer only shows a health insurance card, without the need to pay a down payment.

In addition to this method, customers can also settle bills by swiping a health insurance card.

Of course, cashless health insurance makes it easy for insurance customers or the insured party to undergo treatment and treatment at the hospital.

Following this, the benefits provided by the insurance if you use cashless insurance, namely:

  1. Providing convenience and comfort when going to the hospital.
  2. Providing protection benefits (room costs, medical expenses, doctor fees, operating costs, chemotherapy fees, accidental outpatient costs, and other costs) which are more complete.
  3. Providing greater reimbursement benefits.

In addition to the benefits provided by cashless health insurance, there are also limitations.

In cashless insurance, you can only use the insurance in a hospital that has worked with the insurance company.

If the insurance company and the hospital do not work together, even though the insurance has a cashless claim system, then you are forced to make your own payments from all medical expenses in the hospital.

Then, you can complete with a reimbursement system to the insurance company.

# 3 Extensive Hospital Network

Important criteria in choosing a good health insurance is choosing insurance that has a broad hospital network.

If an insurance company has a lot of cooperation with the hospital, the customer will be given convenience by using the cashless claim system.

Remember! Cashless insurance can only be done at hospitals that have cooperation with insurance companies.

Therefore, choose insurance that has a wide network of cooperation with hospitals.

Make sure your hospital has a subscription to the health insurance company that you will choose.

# 4 Appropriate Platforms and Premiums

Ideally, the health insurance platform that you choose must match your needs, no less and no more.

If the scenario taken is lower, then you have to incur additional costs to cover deficiencies that are not guaranteed when hospitalization.

If the scenario taken is higher, then you will issue a number of money / funds that are “not needed” later. You better be able to allocate these funds to your more important needs.

How to find out the health insurance platform that suits your needs? The easiest way you can do is to use a calculator from my Financial Application.

For those of you who want to use my Financial application, please click the link below or you can download it on the Google Play Store!

List of my Financial Applications

The height or low of the health insurance platform is of course directly proportional to the amount of premium to be paid.

If the health insurance platform is more complete, then the price of a hospital room will be more expensive and affect the high premium that must be paid.

What should you do?

Adjust the premium with your financial abilities! Don’t let you even burden your own finances.

You must be prepared with trade-offs or dilemmas between premium and health insurance platforms.

It’s not easy to adjust to your finances.

For example, in choosing a hospital room, people are more emotional and tend to choose rooms with better and more complete facilities. Of course, this will result in increasingly expensive room prices.

# 5 Pure Health Insurance

There are various types of health insurance that are generally offered by insurance agents. There is pure health insurance and there is also unitlink insurance.

Actually, what’s with these two types of health insurance?

Pure health insurance is a stand-alone health insurance. If you pay a premium on this insurance, then you really only pay for health insurance, without paying for all the other benefits or benefits.

In unitlink insurance, the premium you pay will be divided for life insurance, investment and health insurance.

Choose pure health insurance! Why?

Monthly premiums on unitlink insurance will be greater. In addition, on unitlink insurance, the premium you pay for health insurance becomes smaller because unitlink insurance has a smaller portion for health benefits.

If you want a higher platform, then you must be prepared to pay a more expensive premium.

In addition, in unitlink insurance, there are a number of small pieces of unit link fees. Of course, this will further reduce your health insurance premium.

In contrast to pure health insurance, the premium you pay is reserved solely for health insurance coverage.

In addition, discounted fees on pure health insurance are not as large as the discounted costs on unitlink insurance, so the premium becomes cheaper or the insurance coverage becomes higher.

Please prove yourself by comparing the insurance coverage and the amount of premium between pure health insurance and health insurance from unitlink insurance.

# 6 Benefits of Hospitalization

Costs for health insurance usually include 2 benefits, namely outpatient benefits and hospitalization benefits.

The sixth criterion suggested is that it is better to prioritize hospitalization benefits.

Why? Which benefits bear greater costs? Is it hospitalization or outpatient?

Well, inpatient benefits will incur a greater cost compared to outpatient benefits.

Now, check your financial condition!

If you have more money, then you can take additional benefits or insurance riders for outpatient care.

# 7 Without Limit per Treatment

Do you know that insurance has limits or limits that limit the maximum number of claims for health costs?

In general, insurance applies two types of limits, namely:

Combined limit of all treatments
Limit per treatment

In the first type, insurance limits limit the combined maintenance costs of Rp100 million a year.

While in the second type, the insurance limit limits the consultation fee to Rp20 million a year, surgical treatment costs Rp50 million a year, outpatient costs Rp5 million a year and so on. If the insurance limit for this type of fee is added together, maybe the insurance limit can reach Rp. 100 million.

In practice, there are insurers who only use the first limit, some only use the second limit and some use both limits simultaneously.

Which type of insurance limit will you choose?

Instead, choose insurance that applies the first limit. In other words, insurance with a combined limit of all treatments does not limit the cost per treatment.

This is so that insurance customers or policyholders can be more flexible with various treatments as long as the total limit is still there.

As a note for you. Insurance that limits the first and second limits, of course, the least ideal.

# 8 Payment of Auto Debit Credit Cards

The next criterion that is your consideration when choosing a good health insurance is by paying attention to credit card auto debit payments.

Auto debit is a facility to pay insurance premiums automatically. That is, premium payments are made by automatic debit from a credit card.

Of course, this bill will appear a few days later according to the credit card print date.

Please be careful when making payments with auto debit facilities on credit cards. Indeed, this facility makes it easier for you and other customers to pay a monthly health insurance premium.

If indeed you must use a method or auto debit facility on the credit card for the insurance company did not provide any other payment alternatives, then make sure you know when repayment begins and how the process if you want to stop.

The key: Learn well and smart how to use a credit card so that it does not cause danger in the future!

# 9 Waiting Period for Disease

Health insurance companies generally have a regulation regarding the waiting period for disease. This results in health insurance products having to require a waiting period for several diseases.

That is, there are several diseases that cannot be claimed for a certain period of time from the date of the insurance period.

There is an insurance company that determines that the following diseases can only be claimed 12 months later after the insurance expiry date, namely:

  1. Asthma;
  2. TB (tuberculosis);
  3. Kidney stones,
  4. Urinary tract and bladder;
  5. High blood pressure (hypertension),
  6. Heart and blood vessel disease;
  7. Diabetes (diabetes mellitus);
  8. Vertigo;
  9. And others.

Therefore, you need to ask the insurance or insurance agent about what diseases are in the waiting period. Also ask them how long the claim is determined.

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