Xpress Air Indonesia Airlines Opens New Route Dabo – Batam

Experience Flying to Matak, Anambas Piugus Resort Using Xpress Air Indonesia Airlines

Xpress Air Indonesia Airlines Opens New Route Dabo – Batam

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There are already pioneering airlines that fly dabo with several cities in Indonesia. One of the serious airlines opening the Dabo Route – Batam is Xpress Air. Using a Dornier type 328-100 Xpress Air Route Batam – Dabo for Rp. 756,000. Xpress Air flies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Head of the Riau Islands Tourism Office, Boeralimar, appreciates the desire of the Xpress Air airline to open the Batam – Dabo route. Boeralimar said that Lingga has tourism that is not inferior to other cities. The early Malay Historical Tourism stands still maintained today, so Lingga is known as the Mother of the Malay Land.

In addition, Boeralimar added that Lingga as an archipelago has beautiful beach tourism and the famous Daek mountain tour. Boeralimar assesses Xpress Air is quite keen to read tourism opportunities, including seeing its potential advantages. With the increase in tourist access to Lingga, hopefully it can increase tourist visits to Lingga Regency. With the rapid growth of tourism, the growth of other sectors immediately follows, concluded Boeralimar.

Lingga Regency is one of the districts in Riau Islands that has a variety of tourist charms that you should visit. The district which is better known as the Mother of Malay Land has a myriad of tourist attractions. Starting from hiking, nautical, culinary and even cultural and traditional tourism. Lingga is divided into two large islands, Daik, which is famous for three Daik Bercabang Mountain tours and Dabo which is famous for its coastal tourism.

Having a clean beach with a stretch of white sand makes Dabo Island suitable to be a family tourist destination. Batu Dedaun Beach, for example, is located less than 5 km from the town of Dabo Singkep. Along this beach overgrown with coconut trees and pine trees that add coolness and comfort to visitors.

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To go to Lingga enjoy the beauty of nature and culture, besides using sea transportation from Batam or Tanjungpinang, you can also use air transportation. The airport is located in Singkep, Lingga Regency, Riau Islands province. The airport has a runway size of 1,400 m with the SIQ airport code.

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